CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion

okidoki, thank you.
That works. Awesome, thank you :smiley:

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File kodi-autostart.service is now part of latest nightly build. On next update remove the file you created manually.

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Add on in Kodi Repo has not been updated. New one that works is here

Old one in Kodi Repo is 1.1.2
New one in github for Matrix is 1.1.3


Should be old s905x boxes work better on this 20.0 build in comparison to 19.5 build? I am interested mainly about hardware decoding of h265 based movies (but other stuff as well).

No, they just work fine! Old S905X is capped at 1.5Ghz. Hw decoder works fine, NFS file shares are doing a better job than samba, or just go and attach some storage through USB - H.265 are playing smoothly - if no weird encoding level is on place.
Lets be reasonable, its an 2016 SoC - its a wonder because still has support (talking about planed obsolesce).

S905x plays x265/HEVC in hardware. It was never a problem from Libreelec 17 Krypton on forward. Even the 1/8g boxes never had any problems with HEVC 10 bit encodings with Coreelec 18 Leia. You should try at least with fresh install of Leia. Due to the fact that Matrix and more so Nexus are in need of more performance, Leia could be the lifeline.

Hello guys.Not been using CE past years,but i am back again.I want some help to my problem.As bluetooth is necessary for me (is connected to my surround for sound) i have problems.I use latest stable build,and when bt connected,sound was much distorted.Then i playied with some settings,included auto bluetooth kodi’s addon (analog,digital) but nothing changed.Then after this,i realized that whole bluetooth setting has been dissapeared (see photo) Did many reboots and seems that option has been permanently vanished.Any suggestions please here?i want CE cause video quality in incomparable to stock kodi.

Start with a spare boot media with last CE-20 release and without any backup restore and test again.

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I it did twice,but nothing.BT option has dissapeared.Also tryied nightlies,and just this message appears.

udevadm info /sys/bus/sdio/devices/* | paste

Odroid-N2 with CoreELEC 20.0
When device is powered off then sending magic packet on port 9 doesn’t wake device.
Is it a known issue in CoreELEC 20.0?
I’m pretty sure it used to work in 19.5 or I’m wrong and device can be only waked up from suspend state but not from power off?

I run N2/20.0 and wol from suspend/off works fine

wake on LAN from suspend state works for me.
wake on LAN from power off state doesn’t work for me.
Of course I have wake on LAN enabled in CoreELEC settings.

Enable also USB power. Maybe the 5V are turned off?

I just tested on 2 of my n2’s, both wake from power off after sending a magic packet.
Only thing I did was enable wake on lan. All i can say it doesn’t seem to be a general issue.

That was the root cause.
When “USB Power” is enabled as well as “Wake-on-LAN” then wakeup from power off state works.

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When can we expect an update to version 20.1?

Closed, please continue here: