CoreELEC 20.0-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion

That’s hilarious.


The funniest prediction for 2023 :grin:
Nice one!


Is there a path to upgrade from 19.5 to 20 without fresh install on Odroid N2+ ?

You can drop that tar file in the update folder. It’s not the recommended path and if you experience any problems you’ll have to try a fresh install. As always, backup your installation and put it somewhere out of the device.

understood. Thanks a lot

I kept my 2014’s 3D Sony TV. It is working fine, but is a shame they are not on sale anymore. Still a ton of 3D material available to enjoy


A fresh install worked way better for me. Much snappier through menus, etc.

Don’t doubt it. I just don’t want to install the extras again, but if i see problems i know it is the way to go.

Many French people are interested in 3D again since the Avatar 2 experience, and that can be understood, as it was visually incredible. Knowing that there will be other opuses, interest in 3D should grow. For my part, I believe that after the peak brightness war (HDR), it will be the arrival of new 3D HFR technologies. Before or after 8K, I don’t know, but it’s clear that depth is the first thing missing from the image of our home cinemas.

Besides, I don’t see how Cameron can consider not releasing a 3D HFR version of his saga one day or another. Someone was needed to shake up the next video standard, it was him. Perhaps the first UHD 3D film ?

God hope note but your post explains a lot

I totally agree and seriously miss 3D content. I used to love it on my old Samsung TV with active glasses but of course the max resolution was only half of 1080 and this was poor resolution and of course much dimmer screens too. However now those days have passed so come on bring it on and lets have todays high spec fantastic 3D back.

The glasses to me are well worth wearing and not noticable once you are into watching the movie and with the light comfortable polarised glasses system there becomes less dimming effect usually than the active more expensive shutter glasses. I love 3D so lets bring it on with todays fantastic technology. It could be a big boost to the current low demand for new TVs.

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Far better to set your TV to auto best fit the source video being streamed to it from your device. With Samsung is is usually called Best Fit and on LG it is called Just Scan but may vary with models and age. Not sure what it is labelled as on other makes. I know some budget brands do not give you that option then you will have to use the KODI Video calibration settings but you will need it for all the resolutions and frame rates that you will encounter.

Trouoble with the video claibration within KODI is the different sources correctly auto change and match the source video and set right they command over the HDMI link your TV to match teh source resolution AND frame rate for smooth flicker free viewing. So you would have to calibrate for each of several different resolutions and each with several different frame rates. This is 100% by far best fixed with your TV settings and that should also work automatically with other devices you may connect to your TV inputs too.

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Rootz you should search and find the ARIELUNI.TTF font file and drop that in the .kodi/media/fonts folder and reboot as was stated. This gives me the required correct Sanscript text I need for Thai subtitles for my Thai family here as well as normal Latin text for English subtitles for me (no of course not at the same time !) . So I am set up to download Thai and English subtiutle SRT files

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[quote=“RayW, post:96, topic:20145”]
you should search and find the ARIELUNI.TTF font file and drop that in the .kodi/media/fonts folder[/quote]
The folder should be named Fonts, not fonts…

Just drop the update file in the update folder after opening it in windows explorer, reboot device, done.

That didn’t work for me. The box kept rebooting over and over. Tried w/ many files. In the end went nuclear. I do have a backup in case i want to go back, but that’s ok.

I do have one question: I see that for odroid n2 i could have used NG as well as NE, but NE version (Generic) didn’t boot my box. Was i wrong to think i could boot NE?

Yes, for N2 only ng is available.

Thank you Vasco. Next logical question:
Do i have to start planning on changing my box, since NG is destined to be obsolete?

I check the NE cpu list and it supports de S22x, which is the one the Odroid has. Maybe will be included in the future on NE?

two mistakes:
There is no S22x? Should it be S922X?
And there is no S922X in NE support cpu list…

You are correct, i meant S922X.
And i don’t know what i was smoking last night. I swear i saw the S922x on NE list. Of course, went back to check and is not there.

Thanks for the time. Is it safe to assume that a NG version won’t be released on next CoreElec (21) version, right? Time to start facing my obsolescence.

Thanks a lot guys