CoreELEC 8.95.5




Thanks but, Ido not understand.
On version 9.95.5, it works well automatic switching (color et Hz). Why try a version of this switch that works less well? What should this new version of automatic switching bring?


Automatic color depth and color space switching is NOT SUPPORTED in 8.95.5, as it’s using the 8.95.3 kernel.
This has nothing to do with resolution and refresh rate automatic switching, which has always worked fine, and still does.


Ok thank you, however, the automatic resolution switching and refresh rate, no longer worked after 8.95.3. with 8.95.5, everything came back in order. And for me, switching the color space goes from 8bits to 10bits automatically.


automatic resolution and refresh rate switching always worked fine. In 8.95.3, Kodi implemented the Whitelist, where you had to select the resolution/refresh rates that Kodi is allowed to use. If you didn’t select any, it didn’t work.
In the Kodi version used in 8.95.5, they made automatic resolution and refresh rate switching behave like it used to, before the whitelist was added, if the whitelist is empty.


In this version 8.95.5, when I try to watch something from the tvshow library, system get crashed and freezes, I have to unplug my H96 Pro + S912 to get back to the system. It didn’t happen in the previous versions.
This is what I get from kodi.log

17:44:21.213 T:4090232768 NOTICE: VideoPlayer::OpenFile: special://profile/addon_data/ [tt6510950]/1x01.strm
17:44:21.214 T:3104772912 NOTICE: Creating InputStream
17:44:21.217 T:3104772912 NOTICE: Creating Demuxer
17:44:21.247 T:3104772912 NOTICE: Opening stream: 0 source: 256
17:44:21.250 T:3104772912 NOTICE: Display resolution ADJUST : 3840x2160 @ 60.00 - Full Screen (16) (weight: 0.000)
17:44:21.409 T:4090232768 NOTICE: CVideoPlayer::CloseFile()
17:44:21.409 T:4090232768 NOTICE: VideoPlayer: waiting for threads to exit

Nightly builds

Post a debug log.


Hi @TheCoolest, here’s debug log


Thanks. I just wanted to make sure that the changes introduced in iptvarchive didn’t break anything. Looks like it hasn’t in your case.
Since there was a Kodi version bump, and possibly a version bump in some addons, I suggest you try to reproduce this problem with Kodi Beta5 for Windows/Linux with the same version of the addon, and see if the problem happens there too.


Hi - I think the headline describes the problem.Re-booting via power off/on didn’t halp - same issue. On another box (905x) the update went well - but the DVBviewer plug-in didn’t function anymore. Update of the add-on wasn’t successful either.

Went back to - everything seems to be fine again :slight_smile:


No logs - no problem.
Please post a full debug log.



Thanks for you reply!
I tried 18Beta5 on windows without any problem also I tried with balbes150 LE Beta5 build for S912 without problem too, it’s happening only on this version, the debug log that I sent you came from a fresh CE installation.


Hi Guys,

CoreELEC updated just fine on my 2 boxes.

Just a bit confused regarding the automatic colour depth and colour space switching.
My 4k HDR TV reports it is displaying HDR just fine with CoreELEC.

Can anyone please explain to me (a tech thickie) just what automatic colour depth and colour space switching is and what it does?

Many thanks


In short: HDR requires a 10-bit signal, the default configuration is 8-bit output.
Displaying HDR in 8-bits is possible, but it will lead to more banding/posterization.
Automatic color depth switching switches the output to the appropriate color depth (8/10 bits) depending on content, so HDR content would display correctly.


As I have already tried to explain. With this version the HDR is displayed well in 10 bits on my TVs … No banding.


Ok thanks for the explanation.

Is there any way of forcing 10bit output? Would this affect “normal” 8bit Blu-ray etc. viewing?


You can add echo 422,10bit > /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/attr to But keep in mind that you will you have remove it once we get autoswitching working right.
Each TV is different, so hard to say. I use this configuration with my LG TV and it does fine, as long as I’m not using it at 4K SDR.


Again, thank you for the explanation.


​hi possible to have a coreelec img for kIi pro S905D i want install​ it in internal flash

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