CoreELEC (August 15th, 2020)

CoreELEC (August 15th, 2020)

CoreELEC is here. It’s been a few months since our last release and we have added support for a few new devices and accessories, as well as many bug fixes and little improvements thanks to the feedback of users on our forum.

There is one new change that, despite being in a stable release, we still consider to be an experimental feature. That is support for GXL(S905X,S905D,S905W,S805X) devices with our ng builds. The reason for this is that there are just too many various GXL devices to have been able to test them all and work out all the rough edges. See the CoreELEC forum for more information on this.

Changes Since 9.2.3:

  • Update Kodi to 18.8
  • Added support for ODROID-N2Plus
  • Added support for Libre Computer La Frite
  • Fix issue with update notification
  • One less black screen / mode switch during boot on some devices
  • Improve mounting storage devices with duplicate names
  • GXL devices supported with 4.9 kernel Amlogic-NG builds
    (considered experimental for some devices)
  • User can configure libcec version for better compatibility
  • Playback fixes for some h264 content
  • Improved handling of stock clock speeds on some devices.
  • Added DT for Beelink GS King X to handle fan control
  • Added support for ODROID HiFi-Shields and other I2S devices on ODROID-C4
  • Updated to an improved version of OpenVFD
  • Added support for RTL8156 based USB adapters (2.5g Ethernet)
  • Added RT5651 analog audio amp support (MINIX U22X-XJ & Ugoos AM6)
  • Added SPI device for devices with GPIO headers (ODROID & VIM3(l))
  • ceemmc: added official support for Beelink & MINIX devices
  • bl301: support for GXL devices on amlogic-ng builds
  • Added settings for basic HDD park/idle control
  • Many other small bug fixes and improvements

Note: For our Le Potato users, you will notice that there are now two install img available: CoreELEC-Amlogic.arm- , which is our original build using the 3.14 kernel; and CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm- , which is a build using the newer 4.9 kernel.

Note: For our ODROID-N2Plus users, the correct file for the ODROID-N2Plus is CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-
If you have an issue booting with petitboot you may need to update petitboot to version 20200816 or newer. Also if your ODROID-N2Plus is misidentified as an ODROID-N2 see here

Note: Versions of CoreELEC prior to the 9.2.4 stable release are not compatible with the ODROID-N2Plus, and have a serious bug with the usbpower setting, and are not safe to use with the ODROID-N2Plus. So version 9.2.4 or newer is required for safe use of the ODROID-N2Plus


Discussion thead:


9.2.4 Builds have been disabled because users with bl301 injected boxes reported bricked devices. should fix the issue. If you already downloaded 9.2.4 please don’t use it. is uploaded. It fixes yet some other major bugs.


If you use petitboot:
New petitboot required for N2/N2+ to be compatible with Original Post was edited. Here is also the link: