CoreELEC and ZeroTier: A good couple

CoreELEC and ZeroTier: A good couple

If we want to make CoreELEC accessible from the Internet, a serious security problem arises. We can make use of PPTP or OpenVPN servers but they need access codes and allow access not only to CoreELEC but to our entire home network, if we give our access credentials to a third person, even if it is trusted, we are compromising the security of all our data and devices. This is where ZeroTier comes into play. ZeroTier is a virtual network (it does not exist physically) free and secure, accessible even behind a CGNAT, where with the help of a web browser we are adding nodes (devices) and can establish among them routing and connection rules, very easily, and everything, passwords are not needed.

As it is difficult to explain I will do it with an example.

1.- We install ZeroTier in our first device (CoreELEC) that will be our server (suppose that your local IP address is, from the web browser we access our ZeroTier network, we allow access to that device and we assign it a virtual IP

2.- We install ZeroTier in the remaining device that will be the clients (the local IP address is indifferent), from the web browser we access our ZeroTier network, we allow access to those devices and we configure them to take an automatic virtual IP in the range to

3.- We establish in ZeroTier a local network in the range that is from to

4.- We establish a routing in ZeroTier so that the address always passes through (>

And … voila! … we go to Singapore with our client devices (TV Box, SmartPhone, Tablet, PC) or we lend them to a friend and, without doing anything, Kodi works the same as if we were at home, and have access to our CoreELEC , your server tvheadend, samba, oscam, and as a consequence our television, our movies, our music, etc.

Note: Although the installation of ZeroTier in Android or Windows is very easy, the installation of ZeroTier in CoreELEC, and in Linux in general, is somewhat more complicated and you will have to search for information on the internet or use the installer proposed here

ZeroTier is at

In the event that Kodi uses network directories, for ZeroTier to work perfectly, we will need to mount those directories on the network as local directories within CoreELEC. The command that I use is ‘curlftpfs’ and the place to do it is /storage/.config/samba.conf.

Steps to install and configure zerotier entware in CoreELEC:

  1. Think and configure a virtual network on Take note of your_network_id (you’ll need it later)
  2. Install zerotier in CoreELEC: opkg install zerotier
  3. Copy the script in /opt/etc/init.d/, and allow its execution with chmod 755
  4. Restarts CoreELEC. Now zerotier is running.
  5. Run /opt/bin/zerotier-cli join your_network_id
  6. Go back to and allow CoreELEC access to your virtual network, and finish configuring it
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