Coreelec crash with sonos arc


I have an odroid n2+ box with coreelec (9.2.5) installed, and a sonos arc sound with the last update 12.2.

When trying to play a movie the box crash. I tested the box directly to the tv sound and works.

On the coreelec i have configured the audio output device:

AML Augesound, HDMI ch PCM.

My sonos arc is connected to my tv on the arc hdmi port.

I do not know what to do more.

PS: Also, i tried a nvidia shield and it works, on kodi.

my logs:

it is on a nightly version but with the latest stable 9.2.5 is the same.

With 3840x2160 display the odroid crash on some 2160 remux mkv. If i change to 1920x1080p it works very well.
So the problem is the 4k 3840x2160 display option

i think i have to choose on whitelist the 3840x2160, 60fps

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