Coreelec in Amlogic X96 max Plus S905X3

In an X96 max Plus tv box, to install coreelec, if not in the list, what is the generic S905X3?

If you have an S905X3 Chip then Download the Generic S905X3 using Download Helper.

After you Burn Image

You will see a folder with Device Trees

Open it and copy the correct Device Tree that matches your Device Specs.

Paste it to the root of the SD Card and make sure you

Rename it to dtb.img


Thank you.

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I just used the forum search tool and you opened a thread asking about this box and were given answers with details regarding device tree.

I’m fascinated to hear why you came here asking for answers already supplied to you HERE

i am following the conversation from the 4/32 thread of this x96 max plus…
mine IS the one you suspected… 2GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, no BT, 10/100 LAN card…
I can only see ( - ) on the dtb file tree with generic S905X3 from row Device and row SOC…
Is that means i do not need dtb file ?

After burning the image there will be a device tree folder, choose the closest one to your device, based on ram & lan size, if one doesn’t work try another

Thanks, I’ve got it working.
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