Deleted TVheadend plugin and now only boot to safe mode is possible


I just did a big mistake.

TVheadend is configured as auto-play on startup and now I’ve deleted the plugin.

Every time I boot my odroid N2 I end up in safe mode after a time because kodi can’t find the plugin.

Is there any way to solve this without a complete new setup?


When you say configured as auto-play, what methodology did you follow to enable it in the first place?

It’s not something that I have seen as an option myself, so perhaps re-install it, disable the auto-play and then uninstall the addon(s) afterwards.


thanks for your reply.

I really don’t know where I configured the auto-play (it is meant that Kodi starts automatically with Live TV after startup).

And I can’t reinstall TVH. I get no access to Kodi. The screen flickers some time and after that kodi reboots to safe mode.

OK, I’m guessing a little to some extent but if you can SSH in, try the following

Run the command systemctl stop kodi

Then navigate to the following folders and delete them


If you are using a different version of TVH then the final folder name will be a little different although pretty obvious which it is.

Then reboot.

Kodi going to safe mode is often an indication of corruption somewhere so one further suggestion is to take the upgrade tar file for CoreElec, place it in the .upgrade folder and reboot as if you are carrying out an upgrade and see if that fixes things.

And if the issue still exists.