Dolby Vision for Minix U22X-J (Max) and Ugoos AM6+


  • Changing the “Delay after change of refresh rate” setting from off to 1 or 3 seconds did not fix the problem.
  • I use the Black screensaver, which turns on after 1 minute. Once there was such a case: after a long time after losing the HDMI signal, I pressed a button on the remote control and the screen turned on. Haven’t gotten around to checking it again yet. Maybe I restarted the TV then.
  • To clarify, HDMI Deep Colour is enabled in the TV settings.

@nitor If it happens again I will change delay after change of refresh rate to the same as you.

I have disabled screensaver with my box. If I lose hdmi signal again I will try and use the remote to see if I can get HDMI signal appears. What button do you press on the remote when the HDMI loses signal, just the home or back button?

I have HDMI Deep Colour enabled as well.

Have CoreELEC Team got back to you yet on the logs that you uploaded 2 days ago. Have they viewed them yet and could they identify anything in the logs to see what may be the cause of the HDMI signal loss.

Any button on the remote turns off the screensaver; I usually use the down button for this. The CoreELEC team has not contacted me yet. I think the problem is AFR and display output mode negotiation. The bad news is that there is no way to intentionally cause this error. Then it would be easier to understand what the problem is.

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Swap out the cable first and check with a new HDMI 2.1 cable

I will purchase one as soon as the hdmi loses signal again.

So pressing the down button on the remote gets rid of the HDMI loses signal?

This is not entirely true. Pressing the down button disables the screensaver. The Black screensaver turns off the screen, so disabling the screensaver turns on the screen, which leads to a repeated attempt to change the display mode.

What is the best way to do a fabric reset? I want to delete the CE on this box. If i choose fabric restore on the android side, CE will deleted i suppose? it’s installed via SSH internal storage.

You can try that or burn the firmware with amlogic burning tool. When you download Ugoos firmware it usually has everything needed to burn the image.,

Try to exchange hdmi cable. The am6b+'s cable is bad. It can not used as 4K on fire tv cube 2nd Gen.

The PS5 hdmi cable is working great.

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I have no idea what this is supposed to show.

FEL only on S922XJ. EL discarded on any other amlogic SOC or devices like Shield Pro/Homatics/Zidoo/Dune/etc. The FEL mkv will still playback on those devices, but without the EL; it will be RPU only like P7 MEL or P8.

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To avoid confusion, the 2nd gen Cube uses an S922Z SOC and plays DV FEL (EL+BL).

Not all DV licensed S922 variants are S922XJ’s.

if cube can solve the LE bluetooth drivers, it will be better.

Does it do all that the Ugoos and Minix with S922XJ can do? Everything? And you are referring to the 2nd gen Cube with an old, old firmware, that still allows for Coreelec, right? Just to avoid confusion.

I think video playback in CE is the same on all G12 SOCs, with the exception of the new Dolby Vision features. The U22XJ, AM6+ and 2nd gen Cube are the only G12 Dolby Vision licensed devices running CE. And DV playback is the same on all three.

All the new DV playback options probably even work on Dolby Vision licensed s905x2 SOCs, there’s just none running CE.

DV FEL works in android on the S905D3G, an s905x3 variant. It doesn’t require a high-end SOC when hardware decoding is used. The limitation is finding Dolby Vision licensed G12/SM1 devices that can run CE.

Can you Name these DV Fel devices that play in android, it might be useful to some.

Google Chromecast (Sabrina), @R3S3T_9999 posted a video. The spreadsheet does say there are issues. I’ve heard DV FEL isn’t perfect on the AM6+/U22XJ under Android either.

And TiVo Stream 4K (S905Y2):

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Hi everyone.

I received Ugoos yesterday and immediately did the dual boot installation. No difficulties.

But now I have an annoying problem with the wifi. I see from my FritzBox settings that the device is unable to have a good transfer speed, despite being very close to the router and despite being connected to wifi 6.

The playback of my high bitrate films is affected (they stutter). I tried to change the wifi channel and initially it seems to go well, reaching even more than 1000 Mbit/s, but then I start a film and it drops even below 100 Mbit/s.

This behavior is strange because instead my TV’s wifi is always stable and allows me to watch films without any stuttering. The TV is wifi 5 and is always around 800 Mbit/s which doesn’t give me any problems. The Sony x800m2 also has no problems. Same thing for Chromecast with Goggle Tv

I don’t understand why the wifi on this device is giving me all these problems

do you have any suggestions?
thank you

I’ll add that I’m using Emby Next Gen addon, considering I have an Emby server