Dolby Vision for Minix U22X-J (Max) and Ugoos AM6+

i will try tonight the same settings.

With such GUI settings, does 4k DV play in 3840x2160 or in GUI resolution 1920x1080?
I ask because I must keep GUI at 3840x2160 (nothing in Whitelist) at 59,94, otherwise my 4k DV videos play in 1920x1080 resolution. Display Refresh Rate is set to Start/Stop.
Also, I have no HDMI signal loss…

What do you mean by running through SSH. My CoreELEC is installed on a USB

I’ll give these settings a try.

Since a few of us getting the hdmi signal loss does that mean it’s a CoreELEC or Ugoos issues? Only reason why I ask is that if it’s Ugoos issue would it be best for me to ask seller to send out a new Ugoos to me before warranty expires.

Can the CoreELEC Team clarify with some of us getting the hdmi signal loss whether it’s a CoreELEC or Ugoos problem?

GUI resolution is 1920x1080, but all 4K video play in 4K resolution.
No whitelist in my setup.

mine CE is working from internal storage, not from USB.

Maybe it’s also TV/AV handshake related, so you should all provide the name of the device AM6+ is connected to…
Mine are connected to LG C2 and LG G3; on both TVs I have no HDMI signal loss.

No loss direct to LG E8

Get occasional loss (starting playback) - sound but no image (no signal) going through a Sony HT-A9 resolved by soft power cycling the HT-A9.

Mine is connected to LG C2.

The hdmi signal loss happens randomly so it hard to say when it will happen next but sometimes when starting a video that’s when it will happen.

Waiting for CoreELEC Team to confirm whether it’s a CoreELEC issue or not. If it’s not a CoreELEC issue then I would need to contact seller to send me a new box instead. It will be a shame if it turns out the reason for the hdmi signal loss is due to CoreELEC and not the box. I don’t want to message the seller unless I’m 100% certain that the issue is Ugoos

but your seller don’t give a guarentee for the coreelec installation as you understand. if they test the android part there and not find a issue. you get the same box back. (i think)

at the end, this box is not created for CE.

With the Ugoos you can boot it up to Android and then run the Kodi apk. Whether the HDMI signal loss happens with or without Kodi when running Android I’m not sure.

Hopefully CoreELEC Team knows why the HDMI signal loss happens with some of us starting and stopping playback sometimes and see if they can upload a fix for it. I’m running the latest nightly version.

I think their glass ball is broken.
Without logs, they cannot do anything…


This doesn’t sound right.

My GUI is 1920@120Hz; 4K still plays in 4K at content resolution and framerate.

GUI at 2K vs 4K just sets what should do upscaling. GUI at 2K = CE upscales to 2K, then TV upscales rest. At 4K means CoreElec upscales everything.

No whitelist.

I think when playing Dolby Vision content, the DV signal is tunneled through 8-bit rgb.

black/grey banding sounds more like a source issue that an issue with Dolby Vision, but you can test reset_1999’s Test files which will tell if you if it’s reading DV properly.

It might also be sensitive to exactly how it’s connected to the TV, make sure it’s a high quality cable directly to the TV, and you can try different ports.

You mean only S922XJ, right?

right, 922XJ

Make sure you are using a good hdmi cable. Sounds like HDMI handshake issue.
If you have an AVR between the box and tv, try to connect the box directly to the tv. Also on the tv make sure hour hdmi port is set to enhanced or something like that. Different TVs have different names for it. Usually it’s a crappy cable causing the issues.
Search Amazon for Stouchi HDMI 2.1 Cable 4ft 48Gbps. They’re 10$ a pop. Found them to be very good.

That IS my intention, so that AM6B+ does all upscaling.

My box is connected directly to my LG C2 TV using the original cable that came with it and HDMI Deep Colour setting is turned on my TV.

That user mentioned that replacing his HDMI cable did not work for him and I have the same TV as him. I will consider buying a new one to see if it fixes the issue but will wait until it loses HDMI signal again before buying as I have change my CoreELEC settings recommended by @frodo19

Ok I will try and post some logs to help if possible. To get my box working again I have to unplug power cable and plug it back in so not sure if logs will help.

I see this user has posted his logs for the same error I’m experiencing 2 days ago. Have the CoreELEC Team checked out his logs and found anything useful to see why the HDMI signal loss is happening?