Dolby Vision for Minix U22X-J (Max) and Ugoos AM6+

I’m passing trough. on other players it’s called bitstream.
it’s an atmos track or an dts x track and these tracks have of course height info in (no idea how many channels but it’s more then 5.1 :wink:

interesting that you say it’s not compatible. I didn’t know, I’ve heard completely different in the auro cinema avs forums. and the sound is really great here in my set up, currently upmixing 5.1 because it’s not receiving height info as written

I’m sure with other players and especially with my previous x4500h the avr was receiving these channels in auro mode. you see that in the avr display. otherwise I would have never seen it, auro is running for 2 years at least.

I will def ask denon. you never know what they cut? or maybe it’s gone because if was to expensive for auro to pay fees for using the full tracks from dolby / dts? they were bankrupt 2 years ago.
and I will check with other player. unf the old avr is gone.

thanks anyway

according denon auro 3d is capable of using atmos tracks, with at least front height info. and that info is +10 years old. unf only in German. they also say the upmixer for 5.1 is called auro 2d, I’ve ever used that.Ät-der-auro-3d-und-dolby-atmos-lautsprecher-konfiguration

Tried this and the black power button turns the unit OFF, not going to suspend that I was expecting. Placed file in /storage/.config. Is this expected behaviour?



I got this:

Hack: Found secondary video stream with RPU, assuming DV EL
Hack: Attaching DV data from second video track to first one and discarding second video track
Operation successfully completed

Didn’t get a chance to try the file, but it looks promising. Also, I hope it really doesn’t have FEL, rather than MakeMKV ignoring it.

I would not read that as ignoring it but moving the EL (FEL or MEL whatever it is) from it’s own Layer on it’s own track into a single track then containing both layers BL and EL.

I.e. DT-DL → ST-DL.

Good question. If I reopen the new MKV with Makemkv it says it’s MEL.

The second video track in the original MKV is about 2 GB in size. Not sure how you can tell if that is MEL or FEL?

That movie is known MEL. If the second track is 2 mbits or lower, it’s mel. Which at that size, it’s around 2 mbits.

Just FYI to everyone, there is a well accepted tier list for remuxers:

If your file isn’t on this tier list (FGT), just grab a new release that is from one of these groups. Much faster. There is no point in futzing over dated releases that have been trumped with cleaner versions.

For 2001, I would prefer either the framestor, cinephiles or wildcat remux.

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And also this a good thread to check for FEL releases, main post is outdated but thread is active.

List of UHDs that contain Dolby Vision - Blu-ray Forum

Be careful with the 2Mbit or lower - it is a good rule of thumb only - seen some FEL that are very low - down to under 200Kbits (not that there is much there - but it is FEL).

For example all IP Man tiles are FEL and well under 2Mbits.

On the top end the max I have seen for an FEL is 19Mbit, iirc Ronin was the largest I have seen so far.

Looks like makemkv is the easiest to place to check your mkv’s, and it is getting it correct from the outliers I checked.


Good to know, Ronin| Slowpoke Pics

Fel does add a lot of details on this movie!

Also makemkv seems to produce well working files compared mkvmerge. At least in my limited experience.

Yep I think makemkv is currently the gold standard even though it is closed source.
When reading about quietvoid’s PRs to get dv mkv into mkvmerge there was a lot of referencing to the files makemkv produced and if I am not wrong even recent release notes are still aligning elements to the makemkv approach.

Good to know.

For the sake of completeness it would be nice to see if a “bad” MKV with two video tracks can also be converted properly by Makemkv if the second track is FEL instead of MEL.

But these bad MKVs are generally about 2-3 years old, so we need to find a good example first :grin:

EDIT: I acquired the 3-year old FGT release of American Psycho (2000) UNCUT which is FEL and is a so-called “bad” MKV.

Makemkv converts this into a proper STDL MKV with FEL, so all good :+1:

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Yeah, the first few titles I tried were MEL only, so I was thinking there might be something wrong, but since then I’ve seen some FEL titles.

I have lip sync issues, does anyone have a solution?

Ugoos am6b+ with newest nightly build

I get this occasionally for whatever reason, and have been skipping a chapter back or just skipping a few seconds back, and audio/video synch again.

Seems to be a passthrough thing, I do the same thing.

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Hi all

I have a 1080p tv as looking into a 4K. But for the time been I am getting 4K movies and shows but i find some play the right colour and right brightness but some seem to play really dark. I would have thought Dolby vision 4K would be compatible with 1080p tvs but they look so dark and colour less.

Is thier an option to play these back like 1080p versions or is that not possible. How do 4K Blu-ray players work when you put a 4K Dolby vision disc in do you get the same effect or do they convert them correctly


With a 1080 tv you certainly do not get DV, you are getting regular HDR signal and it needs to be tone mapped to SDR, as your tv doesn’t support it either. Honestly, you won’t get any benefits from having 4k hdr remuxes, so I’d stick to 1080p ones to save space and get proper SDR colorgrading without any tone mapping.