EmuELEC: Retro Emulation Kodi Addon for CoreELEC!

I just pushed v3.2 to Github

This is mostly a bug fix release.

A notable change is that the add-on will now appear in the “Game” section of Kodi

Please remove the old add-on before installing this one, also make sure you delete the following folders if they exists.


Don’t forget to make a backup copy of those folders if you want to restore your changes.

Older Versions:

Version 3.1 official has been released!


Thanks to everyone that helped testing it!

P.S. Version numbers are in par with the stand-alone version of EmuELEC you didn’t miss any others :slight_smile:

A new test version with a new name has been uploaded, its now 3.0! MANY fixes and changes haven been made but it still needs a bit of testing before I upload the official release.

Things to keep in mind:

  • This IS a bleeding edge test release, meaning they are most likely bugs still present
  • You need to uninstall the old one first, and delete the /storage/.emulationstation folder, I did not wanted to do it automatically since I am not sure if you have some customization on that folder, but the official release will most likely delete this automatically at first boot, be warned!
  • If sound does not work, check your Kodi settings, the addon will try to automatically detect the sound, and if it still fails you can delete the asound.conf file that gets created, just to test.
  • DO NOT INSTALL if you feel uncomfortable experiencing or reporting bugs
  • This should work on CE 9.2 but I only tested it with the nightly release so I am not 100% sure

Some changes you can expect.

  • DosBox, Amiberry and Hatarisa now work perfectly fine
  • Background music now works (put mp3’s in /storage/roms/BGM)
  • Better handling of resolution (I have not tested anything above 1080p nor I recommend you run the add-on at anything above)
  • Many other small bug fixes
  • New logo (by Prizco) and Intro video (by ElF0rma) , the video only plays the first time the Addon is launched

Download from here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhB0moRaeC4QaRhewfpCffNBOEA

This is a a new test version of the Sx05RE Kodi Addon for S905 and S912 running CoreELEC.

I removed the Libretro database file as it was the cause of the long installation time, if you need it you can reinstall it from within Retroarch.

I added PPSSPP, Reicast and Advancemame to this version, but please note that they work on the S905 but they might not work on S912, please let me know of any problems.

There is a setting in the Addon to start Emulationstation (default) or Retroarch.

roms should go into /storage/roms/[system] (e.g. for NES games /storage/roms/nes)

You will need at least 650MB of space in /storage to be able to install this add-on, and that does not include ROMS but If you want to use an external HDD or a USB for your ROMS, make a directory called “roms” in the root of the USB device, then inside create an empty file called sx05reroms, place your ROMS inside the corresponding folder (nes, snes, etc, etc.) then with the device plugged start the add-on.

some emulators require extra BIOS files, these should go into /storage/roms/bios/ (or if using the USB/HDD inside /roms/bios/) dreamcast bios goes into /storage/roms/bios/dc

Note: You need to enable external sources to be able to install this from zip, it takes about 4 minutes to install (lots of files), while its installing there will be no status update (not sure why) and it will look like Kodi is not doing anything but it is installing, be patient!

also, not all the options in the Emulationstation menu are working, they will be removed/fixed later.

Please let me know of any problems you find!

2.3.1 of the Sx05RE Add-on

There has been a few changes, but the most important is gamepad auto configuration for ES and Retroarch (still trying to figure out Advmame, PPSSPPSDL and Reicast) when you first set up your gamepad in Emulationstation it will also set up your gamepad in Retroarch with hotkeys and all!

(HK = Hotkey)
HK+Start - Quit to ES
HK+X - Retroarch Menu
HK+RB - Save state
HK+LB - Load state
HK+Dpad Left/Right - Select save slot
HK+B - Reset

Remember this add-on might still have issues, if you find any, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

V2.5 Released!

Read the changelog :slight_smile:

Odroid N2

Please us the test version here https://1drv.ms/f/s!AhB0moRaeC4QaRhewfpCffNBOEA

Need help?

provide as MUCH information as possible, Box model, dmesg log, etc, etc.
but BEFORE asking for help AT LEAST you need to go to pastebin.com and post all of this files if they are available


Then post the pastebin url and explain your problem, without logs I will not be answering any help request, I get too many and its hard to focus on all of them without the required information, if you can’t take time to do this, then I won´t take time to help you, easy as that.


Thx for your work! Is there also a way to specify a network share as Rom Directory?

I am not familiar with that, as I don’t use shares. But I assume that if you can make a symlink to the share it should be possible.

ln -sf /sharepath /storage/roms

a script that does it automatically? Not sure how to do that, but it might be something I need to add.

Edit: @trohn_javolta check this out, it explains how to mount a share to a specific folder, in this case it needs to point to /storage/roms


I still can’t figure out how to install it.Request release of Sx05RE plug-in installation video tutorial? On YouTube…

Thx! Would be easier through kodi but that will do it too.

There is not much to explain but I will try to do it here, I will list 2 ways to copy it to your box.

Method 1:

  • Download the zip file that corresponds to your box (s905 or S912) with a computer
  • Copy it to a USB stick and connect it to your box

Method 2

  • Using a computer connected to the same network as your box
  • Open network shares and select “Downloads”
  • Copy the file

How to install

  • Go into add-ons, install from zip file
  • It will prompt to allow external sources, follow the instructions to do so
  • Go back to add-ons, install from zip file
  • Navigate to your USB stick or the downloads folder and select the add-on
  • Wait 3 or so minutes
  • Enjoy

Sorry, not sure how to do that or if its even possible?

Installed successfully. Thank you.

just fyi: mounting a network share to /storage/roms this way works perfectly fine :+1:

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Glad to hear…erhm…read!

What folder do you put Roms in if not running them from usb or sd card?


I noticed that the built in scraper of emulationstation does not find anything. Did this work for you @shanti? I wonder if I maybe have to set up inet connection in emulationstation again to make it work, because based on the search words it should find sth.

The built in scraper has been broken for a while in ES, its a hit and miss, I never use it and at one point I even removed the menu option completely, but for some reason some people wanted it back, so its there again.

The one I use is sselph’s scraper, unfortunately needs to be accessed from SSH.

if you just want to scrape all the folders just do

cd /storage/roms

it also has a LOT of options you can check them by running

scraper --help

Unfortunately I can’t remember if I included it in the add-on :confused: but if its not there it will be in the next version for sure or you can just put the binary in the add-on bin folder.

I’ve been trying to adapt it to the ES menu itself, but I am not that good at C++ to be able to accomplish it yet :weary: It might now even be possible/easier to do in Kodi

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This is kind of off topic but maybe sb here also uses the kodi backup addon.
With Sx05RE addon installed, the backup takes forever, I guess because also the roms folder is backed up. Unfortunatly the backup addon only has the option to exclude all addons and addon data in its backup.

Can anyone think of a way to just exclude the Sx05RE Addon + its data from the automatic backups? Maybe there’s another backup addon that has such option?
I currently use this “standard” one: https://kodi.wiki/view/Add-on:Backup

scraper works, so it’s included in the addon :slight_smile: However it tells me that thegamedb.net is down. Running it with no checks option doesn’t work either.
My guess is that for some reason the addon or maybe emulation station cannot establish a internet connection.

I also noticed that restart emulationstation does not seem to work. I thought it would be handy if I add new roms while in the addon. Or is there some reload option I missed?

The site is down, it’s not the addons fault.

:smiley: lol, you’re right, now it’s down. Of course earlier after I got the response from scraper command I checked and it was up…Ok, gotta check if there are alternatives and if and how I could change the scraping site so scraper command gets the stuff from a different site.

Which scraper are you using? If it’s the one that is on the emulationstation menu it has been broken for a while.