[Guide] S922X-J (Ugoos AM6b+) CoreELEC installation and FAQs

I might have an incomplete idea about what it does.

You mean you can apply the processing to HDR10 material? That might make more sense, since in most cases we’re tone mapping anyway (I use an OLED with about 700 nits of peak).

Read the last posts on that thread, it’ll give an idea of what it does. There are tests done by dmdreview.

Storage. Removing Android removes DoVi.

Hi Everyone,

There’s been a few comments about using the AM6B+ with a Logitech Remote to turn it ON and OFF. However I don’t seem to have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to make this work via IR.

There’s mention of adding a Zidoo Z9x Device but I’m unclear how to set it up in the Logitech App.

If someone has been able to do this using IR could give me the steps it would be greatly appreciated.


@andyxoxo44 @Dolbyatmos1
have you tried 20.5 nexus instead of latest nightly build? I read on reddit that people find 20.5 to be very stable.

Q1) Why are people installing latest nightly over 20.5 Nexus?

Q2) If I want to install 20.5 Nexus with P7 FEL mkv playback which image do I download and how do installation instructions differ?

Sure, if I wanted a purple screen for DV content on my 85" Sony then I would use that old version :wink:

According to this https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1jBIGF8XTVi9VmDBZ8a5hEyongYMCDlUiLHU9n1f_S74/htmlview#gid=427220017 it is perfectly stable and no glitches and perfect fast forward, revind, etc.

I assumed that the 20.5 was fine, I appreciate your input this will save me time once the device gets shipped to my place.

I use an old Logitech Harmony 650 IR remote (reluctant to part from it :slight_smile: configured for XBMC (X-Box). The power button is configured by capturing/transferring power code from original AM6B remote control…

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Can you share your remote conf file for homatics remote, what work in ugoos?

I just used the remote.conf from the remote repository. Under AmRemote you can find the folder for the Homatics box and the corresponding config. The remote works much better than the Ugoos remote.

However, I now have the small inconvenience that the remote shuts the device down completely (LED completely off) and is not able to start it up again once thats the case. You can still turn the device on via the power button at the side but it’s a little inconvenient. If someone has a suggestion on how to fix this or for a workaround that would be much appreciated. I think it has something to do with the IR code for the Homatics remote for the power button being different from the Ugoos remote and the device not recognizing that and the remote.conf only takes effect when already booted into CoreELEC and not when the device is off.

Yes, I figured it. Works fine but not able to wake up via homatics remote, just with the original ugoos remote. :frowning:

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Hi there,
I just installed latest 21 build on my brand new Ugoos and moved to emmc with Option 1 but dovi.ko does not properly load so no options to switch on/off Dolby Vision from the Settings/system/coreelec.
How can I copy dovi.ko into my current setup?
I’m not familiar of SSH or Samba commands so if someone can write down the complete commands to do that I really appreciate it.
Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi all,

Just got my AM6B+ and followed the instructions and have CE21.0 going on a USB Stick.

I am unable to find any DoVi settings anywhere at all and cannot play DoVi either. My TV, Sony X90J, is DoVi compatible.

Here is what the Player | Videos section looks like:


I also cannot find how to enable dolby vision tv led mode.


Thanks for the reply.

Settings are per the link you supplied.

Sounds like you didn’t copy the dovi.ko file to the correct location.

What does the System Information → Video screen show as HDR capabilities?

Dolby Vision is listed there. First place I’ve seen Dolby Vision.

File is in the flash directory.

Maybe problem with dovi.ko.
Try redownload then put to /storage/.config/folder using winscp