[Guide] S922X-J (Ugoos AM6b+) CoreELEC installation and FAQs

I found some sources online confirming that the Samsung BJTD4R eMMC in the Ugoos supports HS400 so I enabled it.

Not having any issues and dmesg reports HS400, poster scrolling is a bit snappier.
Almost on par with the Shield I came from.

Happy camper.


Good find! I can confirm on my AM6b+ that it contains a BJTD4R eMMC module. I ran dmesg to confirm.


I currently have the Ugoos dual boot image installed with CoreElec installed. How do I change this to the recommended eMMC dual boot image?
I have read and read the eMMC guide but I am not sure what I should do?
Appreciate any input.

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What I did was using the amlogic image burning tool, and a USB-A 3.0 OTG cable. Grabbed the regular (not dce) 0.5.4 image supplied by Ugoos. Used that to flash the Ugoos (following instructions provided in the tool, give it a good 5 minutes). That let’s you basically go back to stock. Then proceeded with the ceemmc tool.

How do you change from HS200 to HS400? I see the option, to change, it asks me for the code, something like '52, I insert it but it goes back to HS200. Does the ’ stand for something? Newbie here :blush:

Should be a 4 digit code you should enter

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Thank you. Was hoping there might be a short cut where I would not have to start from a Ugoos flash, but patience is the key.

I had to change the skin back to the default Estuary to see the code in the pop-out prompt.
It will tell you what numbers to enter.


Ah! Must be that, I’m using a skin, it only shows 2 digits. I’ll try changing the skin back. Thanks!

Cheers! Appreciate the tip, indeed things are a bit snappier.

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hi! many thanks again for the guide! I will start now :slight_smile:

I read somewhere first boot into android update all then start here. but I cannot find it anymore and it’s not in your guide.

someone any opinion on that? THANKS!!!

You don’t need to to. I’ve only booted into Android once by accident.


thanks for your fast help!!!

for a non it guy like me - who will hopefully see a Linux first time in 1h - this whole journey is a bit thrilling…

I’m crossing all my fingers that I don’t have to ask for help in 5min again… I’ve not really understood the tree topic and the move to internal emmc but I will try!!

Don’t worry, you can run it from a flash drive or sdcard at first until you get more comfortable. :grinning:

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How can you tell if your device supports HS400 before enabling it?

Well, I looked at dmesg to find out what type of eMMC was identified.
If you have the Ugoos and see BJTD4R you should be good to go.

If you have some other device/eMMC you need to do some research to see if it’s compatible.

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7. Copy remote.conf to the root of your COREELEC flash drive.

the link is not downloading a file its opening text :wink:
Ive created the remote.conf file with notepad - correct?

*very proud

You can also save the page, but the notepad should work.

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sorry! the reset button is called recovery here, correct?

Yep, it’s the recovery button.