HDMI CEC on H96Max

Hi there, I’ve followed the info originally posted by Jak [SOLVED] H96 max x3 - supported device? and it’s all worked great. The front display is working, my Bl301 injection worked fine. The part that doesn’t appear to work is HDMI CEC. The config.ini supplied by Jak was https://discourse.coreelec.org/uploads/short-url/3VhrImFGL6gx1EQ6NQfsv6zb1az.ini

From what I can tell if the config.ini is set to cec_func_config=‘7f’ , which appears to be the default, then CEC is disabled. I don’t understand how the setting examples map to ‘7f’ or anything else. Is this a Hexadecimal representation of 7 1s (1111111) which would mean each flag is on? Or am I missing the point? I searched everywhere and haven’t been able to find any explanation of this setting.

The goal is I want to be able to control my H96 CoreElec with my Samsung TV remote like I do with Kodi installed on a Raspberry Pi.

Thanks for the help.

Current config.ini:

# HDMI CEC Control
#   Setup custom options by enable these flags:
#     Function                   bit
#     CEC_FUNC_MASK              0
#     ONE_TOUCH_PLAY_MASK        1
#     AUTO_POWER_ON_MASK         3
#     CEC_INPUT_MASK             5
#     ACTIVE_SOURCE_MASK         6
# cec_func_config='7f'

These settings are only for CEC wake-up. To handle CEC settings for Kodi use the peripheral input settings.

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