Help ''Player Debug Info'' Key Editing, Picture added inside!

The OSD can be activated using one of the following methods…

  • Pressing ctrl+⇧ Shift+o on a keyboard

I want it configure to a Single Key by pressing like '‘Z’ or ‘‘Y’’ because the MINIX NEO A3 Remote do not have a Ctrl button, i tried everthing maybe i dismissed something please help me guys . Is there a CTRL Button in A3 remote Control .I am a big fan of Coreelec and i use it daily.

I use Coreelec , also i tried it to find in the Keymap Editor Addon . But i was not able to Change it because the Option is not visible for me.


I wrote about this a long while back.

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hi kostaman, i did not understand your link .

Do i have to edit my config?

Where can i do that . Could you please guide me?

Create a keyboard.xml file
SMB into your box or whatever you want.
Copy it to /storage/.kodi/userdata**/keymaps folder**

… and what do i have to paste onto it? i leave it blank or?

I created one xml file but in which format do i need to save my settings?

You have used Keymap Editor to try and Map Z or Y buttons on your remote.
When you press the Z or Y buttons on the remote whilst trying to map your Y or Z you will see in Keymap Editor the
key id number for that button .
In my example “61489” is the key id number for the remote button i used from my keyboard remote.
Please use Notepad ++ to create your xml file.
Copy paste mine and replace the key id number.

		<key id="61489">playerdebug</key>

I have done it like you described. Mine Code is 61520 but after rebooting i cant get the needed Playerdebug info. Nothing ! when i press the edited Key.

Could you send me your original File as PM.

I will try with yours.

First i want to thank you for your file . I have done it excatly like you. Your file also do not work for me . Did the 18.5 update cause the Problem? Even when i configure something directly in Key Editor addon it won’t work.
Whatever key i edit and firstly grap from key Editor addon it will not work for me. Do you have any other idea?

Are you using a remote.conf for your box to activate amremote
That’s my setup.

Where excatly i have to paste this new file?

Just hang on. I’ve asked the Devs .

your remote.config is no longer active. I did not clearly understood you. What do you mean with hang on?

keymaps.xml (112 Bytes)
Copy it to /storage/.kodi/userdata/keymaps
or if via smb to \\IP\Userdata\keymaps\
reboot and try z button while playing video

Okey i will give a try and inform you boot2k3


It worked perfectly.

You made my day thanks for your help. You edited with z. It is superb. Maybe you implent it to your next big coreelec update. Now i am able to control with single press the video if frames dropped or skipped. I am really satisfied with your Work.

One more thing. I can edited it alwas instead of Z one other Letter via Smb with Notepad++?

Yes, you can assign any letter you want, just edit this file
Original actions and examples are here:

It’s not standard action for key, so it will not be included in CE updates

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After some Power On and Power Off the keymaps.xml is deleted from the device. I have to paste it again. Any chances to change that behavior?

Does anyone have an idea why keymaps always deleted by the system?

You can save, as gen.xml.