Homatics Box R 4K Plus

Thank you vpeter ! That’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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You can also use remote ADB shell on your phone connected to the box via network.

I use AVR connected to the homatics. Sometimes there is a delay in turning on the receiver before the homatics turns on. If the homatics turns on before the receiver, the screen remains black, and I hear the sound of the Kodi buttons without a screen. What is the solution?

Use lastest CE-21 nightly.

Yesterday i tried to update CE from popup windows after logging on CE (as i did many time before), but nothing happen after almost 1 hour. Is there any issue with online update?

Oh, i just try to download on my pc and saw it has very limited bandwidth, download spd is 1x KB/s, ~5hours to finish. Can anyone upload lastest nightly build to mirror site?

I have a question. In CE21 when I install InputStream Adaptive, NHL.TV addon doesnt work. When I disable ISA it works but no control over streaming quality. Usually this addon doesn’t work at all without ISA, but here it works only without ISA enabled. Is there any difference in regards playing HLS streams in CE21 vs others?
Thanks for any information. After all I’d like to use ISA as it offer control over buffering and stream quality selection.

Does the Nokia 8010 support HDMI-CEC out of the box in coreelec?
How does Android /coreelec work exactly in conjunction with each other? Is it a dual boot? Can I decide I want it to boot directly into coreelec?
Or will I delete the standard Android OS when I install coreelec?



I did read those, but wouldn’t exactly say they answered my questions.

So, does Nokia 8010 have “BL301” injected for CEC functionality as my current N2+ apparently has?

And does the USB drive installer delete Android? If so, is it reversible? Or can it be dual bootable?

It will works in dual boot. When the usb3 pendrive present with CE system, the CoreElec will boot first. Android system remain untouched. Cec probably works as in the all other sei homatics boxes.
With reboot menu, you can choose reboot to android.

Aah so it’s not installed to the device, but permanently boots from a USB drive. And how much slower is that compared to an Odroid N2+ with emmc?

Ihavent that device, but the homatics boot quick, and run smooth. I dont think that , it will slower.
Choose last CE 21 NE nightly (beta3 current) and for the installation choose sei_280 dtb to rename. Use good quick usb3 pendrive.

Not quite the answer you seek, but comparison on N2 between eMMC vs (fast) USB stick is “only” 3 seconds longer boot from USB stick…

Upgrade to Android 12, CE-NE21 Nightly works very well, thank you


Its homatics rosegold? How you can upgraded to this fw?

Yes, it’s rose gold, and it’s the firmware pushed by the manufacturer’s service staff

It was own request?
This fw include all dtshd and dts-x patch too?

Yes, I will have to provide the request myself and provide the serial number every time. Sorry, I don’t have an AVR and don’t know about the audio pass-through.

Allright, just was weird, because we not seen this build number in the alpha test group. thanks