Reboot to CoreELEC APK

Hi guys,

I have built an app where you can boot from Android to CoreELEC via app.
This is to be seen as a backup option as you can also boot into CoreELEC with a normal reboot.

The app is open source and linked on GitHub.
The download for the APK can be found in the releases section.



Thanks for the APK.

It would be very useful for us if you develop this Application. For example, it would be great if it had these features.

  • Remote control (only direction, back, and confirm buttons are enough.)
  • Take screenshots. This is especially useful for us.

Best regards…

This app need usb debugging allowed. And after use, and back to the Atv 12, it reset the hdr settings to always hdr.
If you set adaptive/auto hdr, in the next reboot will be reset too.
Thanks, but not usable for me.

Practically made that, what in the adb shell command, reboot update.

I do not have these problems.
No settings are reset for me.
It may actually be your TV set, who knows.

The only thing the app does is that it sends an adb command.
In this case “adb reboot update”.

This app should only be seen as a backup reboot option.
If you want to use it you can, if not you don’t have to use it.

I wrote my observations, in ATV12
Maybe thats help for others in similar issue .
Anyway the correct command what not reset the setting over adb is the: reboot.

This apk can handle the first installation of CoreElec without toothpick method the reset button.

Yes I will not use.

The change in HDR adaptive to Always is also there for me by using this option. It shows a different behavior (for me), then when I select “restart” from the Android TV options. It was explained why that could be for me. It happens when I get “upgrading” during bootup, which I don’t get using the normal route.

@pretoriano80 wrote (Telegram).

"You will always get that screen when using “adb reboot update” command .

With normal reboot ,CE is loaded in a different manner ,so that screen won’t show .
The problem is that in some configurations (certain USB sticks ,ssd,hdd,etc) ,the normal reboot won’t work and will go to ATV instead of CE,even if the USB storage is connected."

reboot update

is needed to get CE booting. And maybe this resets some values. But it is needed only once.
Just reboot would only reboot.

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Yes thats my experience too.
When the coreelec installed and ready, next time need just the reboot command, and that not reset anything.

Is this exactly the same as long Power Restart options available on some Android boxes?

Yeah,with “reboot update” command ,it seems that the “hdr_policy” is reset ,so it will switch to always HDR.

Personally i’m using the shutdown script on CE,so HDR is set to adaptive/auto every time i reboot or shutdown CE .Basically it runs this command :

/usr/sbin/fw_setenv hdr_policy 1

I think there is missunderstanding what this app does and why is needed.

When we have fresh device it can’t boot CE from USB/SD. And you need to run this app or run command over adb. But this is needed only once! Bootloader then recognizes CE medium and always boot from it if present. And Android can still be booted without CE medium present.

The exception is CE option in menu Reboot from eMMC/NAND. When this option is used Android is booted even with CE medium present. But when we reboot from Android CE is again booted because CE medium is present.

The conclusion is this: Don’t use this app to reboot from Android to CE because it is not meant for this purpose. I don’t even understand why would you need special app to reboot Android because Android already has this option build in.

What we would need is app called Reboot to Android but I don’t think there is option in Android to change bootloader parameters.

@vpeter the problem is that with some USB storage devices (sticks,ssd,hdd) ,the “normal” Android reboot is not working ,but it’s completely random and is probably an USB devices initialization issue ,similar to what i saw with RPi4 and USB boot in the past .
Unfortunately this is something that can’t be fixed by CE.

Then this app should be modified to have 2 options:

  1. reboot
  2. allow booting CE from this device

and commands run are:

  1. shell:reboot
  2. shell:reboot update

Something for jamal2367 to think of.

Yeah,he may add that option too ,or if someone use the Adaptive HDR (which probably most users should ,considering that having SDR-> HDR on static images isn’t a good idea ,especially with OLEDs),then he/she could use the shutdown script that i’m using and forget about it,no more Always HDR in ATV .

  • reboot
    Does only perform a reboot. CE does setup the environment to boot next time to CE again when before the option “Reboot to NAND/eMMC” was used
  • reboot update
    This is to reset the environment and to call boot init script aml_autoscript on CE media. This is same like press and hold the reset button on the device. This option should only be used once when environment may is virgin or got reset before by a Android update.

@jamal2367 thank you for this platform specific app!

The name is inspired from the original, old tool. “Reboot to LibreELEC” I guess. So maybe another title can avoid some confusion in future. Like “Setup device for CoreELEC” or something similar.
Or multiple options like “Reboot to CoreELEC” what does really only call reboot and a “Setup CoreELEC” option what does use reboot update.

I did not test the app yet but I am not sure id USB debugging must be enabled by user before?
You only run adb reboot update. Maybe a check if it will work before about permissions could be added? On some devices it’s not possible to use this command as it require sudo.



I will incorporate your suggested changes in the next version.
There will then be 2 buttons.

One for the first boot in CoreELEC and one button for the normal boot.

There will be an explanation for each button so that the user knows what to do.

It is currently done in such a way that USB debugging must first be activated in the developer options. If this is not the case, the app terminates with the message that USB debugging should be activated first.

No sudo is required for the app as a local adb shell is executed. Or are there devices that explicitly need sudo anyway.

The app was originally intended for the Homatics Box.

Does Reboot to LibreELEC also needs to enable USB debugging first? I don’t remeber doing this but it was long time ago when I use it.

No, the Reboot to LibreELEC app does not require USB debugging, but it no longer works either. At least on the Homatics with Android TV 11.

My app has a completely different structure and contains much more and another code than the Reboot to LibreELEC.

New Update is out!

Changelog for Version 2.0:

  • Added two buttons. (for first restart to CoreELEC and for normal restart to CoreELEC)
  • Fix some bugs.
  • Improve and cleanup code.
  • Remove unused library.

Downloader App Code:

Release can be found here:


What I just have seen today: isn’t there a difference between enabled adb support and USB support?