Homatics Box R 4K Plus

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Hello Friend I have a Nokia 8010 can you please explain how and where to put that on CoreELEC, usually I use FileZilla to send files to the box. Thanks in advance Friend and have a awesome Summer too.

I hope you don’t mean me, my “Homatics 4K plus” and “Ugoos AM6B Plus” have proper DV license.
What I’m looking forward is “KODI 20” because of my plugins compatibility.
Hope it’s more clear now…

Yes now it’s clear. The amount of devices with DV support is so limited that you can refer to them by their model name.

That Ugoos model is no certified Android TV box, or is it?

If by certified you mean Widevine L1 for streaming services then it’s not.
Android firmware is just normal Android(not ATV) with several special features.
If you mean DV license (S922XJ CPU) then yes.

Any chance of fixing the Homatics sleep/wake bug?

Nothing to fix because this feature is not supported anyway.

Try with CEC disabled (maybe it interfere somehow).

from whom?

We are doing CE. So guess which one.

And you know what? I just checked on my device and is still working for me. So it is something with your setup (TV, amplifier, …).

oh ok (:

i thought that maybe the device is not supporting this feature (:

It only works if you have CE storage on emmc.

What do you mean? Whitch function?


Can you explain this to me? Do I understand correctly that you are talking about uploading CE to internal memory? If so, how does it relate to android tv?

So what are these issues with Kodi Omega that mentioned in the announcement? Can somebody please elaborate?

Thank you for your answer.

  1. Should I have CoreElec enabled when executing these commands through putty?
  2. Can I somehow damage the android TV firmware?
  3. The script at the end of the answer can be copied by connecting the CoreELec flash drive to a Windows computer and creating a file with the extension .power?

There is a major issue with how ffmpeg 5/6 were merged in without addressing core changes that should have be made at the same. Notably PVR resume is failing but I am sure there are other issues.

  1. Yes
  2. Possible but not likely.
  3. Just copy/paste while using putty