Homatics Premier 4K Pro

my box is just flashing the boot looping homantics screen

Need help, should read this first!

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i hav’nt tried to put on emmc ,im running of usb stick box suddenly just frooze i unplugged it from mains and when i switched it back on

Try another version of CE, try another flash memory, try with an USB to SD card adapter. :roll_eyes:
Try all USB ports…

I have tried even without the USB still plug in it still does it is there any firmware software to reprogram flash the box I’ve looked on dune website and online unable to fined the firmware for my box

Hope you are doing well with flashing, take care of the preservation of the DRM keys. Once removed, bye bye Netflix, Google 4k hdr and streaming stuff.

I can’t flash I can’t fine firmware to flash it

Hey , Ho Ho Ho …

I get from Santa a Dune HD Premier 4k pro and the question is, how can I use the front display to work.

What kind of file should I try? Where to place it ?

And another problem is the old firmware on it. Ther is no update available. The firmware is RTT0.211009.001.2856 release-keys. Very old…

I know the current version is 5310 , the same as box r 4k+ . Are there user with same device here?

@portapro … What firmware du you have on your premier 4k pro ? Did you receive an update ? And did you have a solution for an working front display in ce ?

Any answer from support at using SSD in bay to boot from?

I’m guessing there’s no way of fixing it then

The display is something what doesn’t work on Android as expected. It works only with Dune apk and if you enable it. You can’t use it as a normal display, it’s something what is unnecessary for this device. I didn’t try, but CE boot from SSD should work.

Another strange thing is that the SSD only appears when I pull out the SSD and push it in again. On CE start there is no SSD recognised. But I can also use suspend , after suspend the SSD is mounted correctly.

Suspend mode didn’t work on Homatics Box R 4k plus. On Dune Premier 4k with same firmware out of the box …

Btw thanks for reply

The android firmware is the one from December, I didn’t booted on android for a while now. The CE version is Omega 21 ne nightly. I didn’t tried to boot from the bay since though, maybe it works now but I doubt it. I don’t use the front display so can’t help there.

As for Dune support, they never answered.

I tried again today because there was an update to EFI bootmgr in CE21 : still a no-go, it won’t boot with the drive in the bay.

This doesn’t really apply to CE.

Try to write CE image to HDD.

CE image is already on the HDD, I used the standard method described in the Help (Balena etcher) and it works fine when plugged on the USB3 port.

Or do you mean another type of image write ?

I think I missunderstood. It doesn’t boot ONLY with HDD? Maybe bootloader doesn’t support that. But booting CE from USB stick does see HDD?

yes, when pluging the HDD to the USB3 port using a Sata to USB adapter, everything is working fine. CE boots and sees the HDD and all it’s content.

Issue is only when I put the same HDD in the internal bay : it doesn’t boot and when booting in recovery mode, no option works either.

No, I meant HDD in the bay + another CE USB stick.

If device doesn’t boot HDD from the bay nothing can be done. Only Homatics can fix this.

Thought so, I got in touch with Dune support but they never replied on this issue.