How to configure VFD

Thanks for testing. I’ll add the X88 King config file to the vfd repository.
Regarding the top led, I don’t think it’s VFD related, there must be some other way to control it.

you had true, top led is function of booting proces before a turning of led display on android.

I’m using openvfd for RK devices and can confirm it works well. However: I noticed gpios won’t be taken from vfd.conf since some amlogic specific properties are not available in RK devicetrees … so I’m configuring the driver via devicetree only - see: - I just couldn’t find out what the correct syntax for the vaules of vfd_chars and vfd_dot_bits would be - so: can you guide me?

They are a byte array, if I remember correctly.

Following vfd works with Tanix TX5 Deluxe Edition. Remember to save as RAW ( or copy paste in vi using ssh terminal ).

Tanix_TX5_Deluxe_Edition.vfd.conf (1.3 KB)

I’ve a Tanix TX5 Plus Deluxe Edition (4 / 64 / S905X3 / 1G) but your vfd.conf doesn’t work on my device, I don’t know why :thinking:, but this vfd.conf works perfectly:


I bought it from Amazon EU.

@notFound Do you happen to know your board number? Mine’s U211.

@Betatester, build.prop:

@notFound Thanks. Interestingly enough, both configurations work on my box.

I need help with the display of a tx3 mini with FD655 regulator.

You have carried out instructions from OP ???

You have installed the VFD addon from the CoreELEC Repository ??

Yes, the display is off after an update. I applied the patch did not return. TX3 mini Red pcb.

Please try these, and if one of them works, let me know which one (1 or 2) (1.6 KB)

Not work. I’m using corelec 9.2.3 e dtb gxl_p281_1g.

Reboot and post output from dmesg | paste

Follows attached! dmesg.log (82.4 KB)

It looks like a DTB issue, one of the pins is already assigned to something else.
Will investigate.

Did the display work in an older build of CoreELEC?

I lost the display after I updated the firmware, I hadn’t tested CorELEC before.

I didn’t even notice that this was a S905W device at first.
I think that without having the original DTB from the Android firmware where the display worked correctly, it would be hard to find a proper fix for this.
The conflicting pins are related to the audio device, and I don’t know whether I can change them without breaking something.
It seems you have some sort of one-off device, because I’ve never seen this sort of conflict before.