IPTV simple client loading problem

PVR manager started: 0%, Loading channels with PVR clients. Charges and charges, but always 0%!

Okey, thx :slight_smile:


Try a clean install. There is maybe a error about some helper addons.
You also can temporary make a clean install by rename /storage/.kodi like /storage/.kodi_old.
Then on next boot install your IPTV addon and try again before install any other add-ons.

Hello! What should I install? The whole coreelec system? I do not understand. I’m very new!

The use another boot media like another USB or uSD card and install CE new and then retry our addon.

Thanks for the help! I reinstalled the CE. Unfortunately, the error persists.
(PVR manager started: 0%, Loading channels with PVR clients. Charges and charges, but always 0%!)

Please try on Kodi Windows or Ubuntu or anywhere else if you get a he same problem.

I experienced this issue right after a fresh install and when I added both an m3u address and EPG address from the start. What I did was add only m3u first and when the PVR manager doesn’t start I update the addon even though it is the latest version and restart the box. Only then I add the EPG address and everything works as it’s supposed to.
It’s not a technical advice but rather a workaround and it did the job.

Try to download your IPTV channels file (m3u or some) and put it in the CoreELEC download folder. Configure your IPTV Addon to search the file m3u in download folder…

This is faster way to load your channels. The only issue its when your IPTV provider change some link (one time a year or never!)

PS: You can do it with your laptop or PC through network and look for your CoreELEC

From one log I see

NOTICE: AddOnLog: PVR IPTV Simple Client: LoadPlayList PlayList Loaded - 11100 (ms)
NOTICE: AddOnLog: PVR IPTV Simple Client: Loaded 80640 channels.

which in my opinion is lot of channels. I would download this list and made custom file with only channels really needed.

80K channels? Really? I highly doubt that the source for all these channels is legal.

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Hello everybody,
i use coreelec 9.2.5 on a fresh install since 1 month and i have suddenly the same problem : IPTV simple client won’t load channels/EPG from Catchup TV & More (0% still loading). It worked like a charm before this incident. I have about 50 channels.

Could it be a problem between COREELEC & EPG?
Will try to post a log soon

Check logs for errors.

Hello, and thanks for your reply. I will post a log soon.
I noticed that this problem comes when i create a second profile in kodi.
And none of the two profile cannot have access to EPG.
I am not under any illusions to solve this problem because I know that the profiles will be abandoned in v19 and the profiles are nested in a complex way in Coreelec Leia operating system which would make repairs very delicate.

Not a solve for your problem, but handy nonetheless:

80K channels takes a lot of time, with this you can reduce the number of channels to a smaller amount.
Works for the channels and your EPG.

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