Java for BD-J menus

Hi @vpeter

just a courtesy, when you have about 20/30 (?) minutes free would you be able to do this " CoreELEC 19.5-Matrix_rc2" please?




as usual thank you very much, very much!

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thank you very much!

Finally, the latest Kodi Nexus release addresses the Bluray disk playback with BD-J menus!

The latest libbluray is included and also several BD playback bugs in Kodi have been fixed.

Any chance to see a CoreElec BD update with the new code as well?

Thanks Portisch for your hint.
I assume that a separate Java add-on pack is required for this, right?
In the special vpeter versions this was already included.

There are still few missing packages which were not bumped at LE but now they are. When new CE20 nightly will be made try installing JRE for BD-J menus addon and then check BR menus and report back if they work or not. In CE19 I had some extra patches for libbluray and Kodi for which I’m not sure if they are still needed or not.

Hi vpeter,
very cool! I will do the testing very soon.
Hopefully the Kodi based code is now as stable as the VLC player with a view to BD-J playback.

I will try this nightly:

There is no build with all the required/latest pieces inside. You need to wait or maybe I will made one test image. But need to try it first myself.

Many thanks for all your effort!
I will be your beta tester and report all the findings with a view to BD-J functionality.

Try this one 280.55 MB file on MEGA

It has 2 package bumps + JRE is already included.

Wow! Testing starts today!

Hi vpeter, that did not work.
I used the CE Nexus beta and tried to update with your .tar file.
I got an error on missing KERNEL.

BTW: I tested the latest LibreELEC Nexus nightly build with Raspberry Pi 3.
Very disappointing! I installed the JRE add-on but LibreElec says “no JRE installed”.
But some of my BD-J disks work even work with this condition.
The majority refuses to start with menu.

@tomhai: I think something went wrong with your update because I just check this same build and it works here. Also BR menus are shown. From my perspective it works with basic test.

I re-downloaded the tar-file and now the update worked. :+1:
The BD-menus work really well. Best stability so far!
The biggest improvement I could see during the first test is the quick and stable chapter jump when you watch a movie in BD-J mode. This was very slow in older Kodi releases.

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Hi vpeter, do you have an updated BD-version based on Matrix code? I wanted to use your great Nexus version, but it has quite a lot of crashes during music playback (has nothing to do with the BDJ code). So it´s to early for me to move to Nexus.

Unfortunately, this version causes frequent kodi crashes. It just gives segmentation fault somewhere in the python threads.
With original coreelec 20 beta1 it works without any crashes.