Java for BD-J menus

Wow! Testing starts today!

Hi vpeter, that did not work.
I used the CE Nexus beta and tried to update with your .tar file.
I got an error on missing KERNEL.

BTW: I tested the latest LibreELEC Nexus nightly build with Raspberry Pi 3.
Very disappointing! I installed the JRE add-on but LibreElec says “no JRE installed”.
But some of my BD-J disks work even work with this condition.
The majority refuses to start with menu.

@tomhai: I think something went wrong with your update because I just check this same build and it works here. Also BR menus are shown. From my perspective it works with basic test.

I re-downloaded the tar-file and now the update worked. :+1:
The BD-menus work really well. Best stability so far!
The biggest improvement I could see during the first test is the quick and stable chapter jump when you watch a movie in BD-J mode. This was very slow in older Kodi releases.

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