Khadas VIM3 testbuilds

@anon88919003 @boot2k3 @Pelican
I’m sorry that I can not help you, I bought this at taobao
and I cut two pieces

Your cutting of the heatsink perfectly matches the original case, did you use a thermal pad between the heatsink and the board?

yes, I use a thermal pad between the heatsink and the board

@Portisch and @vpeter
vim3 board version V12.
after coreelec install into emmc, suspend not working, any help?

It’s not supported at this time.

You have to boot from external ie USB or SD which will require you to reflash Android and then use inject_bl301 for suspend/resume.


green screen is observed since khadas updated android (emmc) VIM3_Pie_V190907.7z. Dual-booting coreelec (CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20190915-Generic.img) from SDcard will still present green screen.

its seems a patch is needed,

We are aware of this issue, the bootloader Khadas is using is too new for our kernel and we have not created a workaround for this yet in our kernel.

You can install 1st September nightly and run installtoemmc which will install a custom bootloader to fix the green screen but you will lose the Android/Ubuntu dual boot and suspend/wakeup support.

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@vleewt You can use the firmware version before 1908. The new version was update the kernel.

I am impressed you got such temp jump by heatsing from the BOTTOM of the SBC… Thats great news, as there is very easy to attach any custom heatsink on the top of DIY plate.

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with the last nightbuild, the issue still exist

I just tested your test clip in my Vim3 Pro and i can see the issue with playback being deinterlaced. Playback is 25fps on the Vim3 Pro using ctrl shift o.

I tried the same clip on my Rock64 LE Leia 18.4 and it plays properly.
See Screenshots.
I’ll hook up my Vim1 later and test.
PS: I tested your clip on an old TX3 Mini with old 9.0.1 CE and it plays perfect.

Update: I just tested your clip on the Vim 1 Pro with latest 15/09 Nightly with the same results as the Vim3.
Note: I noticed that the video starts at 50fps and drops to 25fps when you first start the video. I hit control shift o immediately after starting the video and saw it change.

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I planned to install estuary mod2 in vim3 but i can’t able to install its dependency

Estuary mod2 work fine. Install from repo

Anyone had a ir config for the Logitech harmony? And witch device I had to choose in my harmony config?

I couldn’t find something to suit my needs and I wrote this: Logitech Harmony with amremote

Select Khadas Vim2, works perfectly with my Harmony remote.
This is the remote.conf what I use:

Has the install to emmc option been re introduced for the Vim3 on the latest nightlys or 9.2 stable?

The new tool is not yet released as there is still the issue remain with the 0907 firmware and the “green” screen in CE. When we have a solution for this the tool will be ready too.
It will support dual boot (Android & CE on eMMC) and/or single boot (only CE on eMMC).


Ok thanks!