Khadas VIM3L HTPC Kit!

They use the same video blocks, AFAIK, so the video quality should be the same.

Cool :slight_smile: I think I didnt realize it has wifi chip when I order it. Nice too see clever design with pigtail support, instead shitty internal antenna.

Two questions: The website doesn’t mention CoreElec? Is it just understood?
Is CoreElec tuned for this chip now?

It’s still work in progress, but it mostly works.

I Got mine vim3l and HDR is on non stop so i tried manual update to nightly… it is now stuck on khadas logo screen. How can i reinstall Coreelec now??

You need to use the following image here with the VIM3L with the latest version of USB Burning Tool, connect the USB-C lead from power into your PC and press the function button 3 times rapidly and you will see the VIM3L appear.

VIM3L can not use our nightlies yet as it’s using our newer experimental kernel that isn’t in nightlies.

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Big thanks

Sorry would you mind explaining this to an idiot like me please?
I’ve got the burning tool and connected the VIM3L to my PC (Windows 10) but what is the function button I press, is it on my PC or on the VIM3L?

The function button is the middle of the 3 buttons on the side of the vim3l.

For reference about 3/4 of the way down the page there is a labeled diagram of the vim3l

Many thanks

I am a proud holder of vim3l htpc kit. But … The remote does not turn on the Khadas, if it turns it off, but it does not turn on. Some people have also commented on the khadas forum

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Not yet developed. Will work eventually.


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I hooked up my Vim3L to my TV USB port.
I set box to turn OFF whwen TV is turned OFF.
I turn on TV and the Vim3L powers on.
Not a fix but it may help for now.


It’s a good idea! Too bad I didn’t think about it before and spend $ 5 on the power adapter

The problem is that the power adapter is 2 amps and the usb of the TV only has 1 …

I want to upgrade from my RP3 to something newer to get support for 4k, is this board or the Odroid N2 Coreelec version most recommended, RPi4 seems a bit underwhelming? I have a Sony ST5000 Atmos soundbar if thats important :slight_smile:

Is it posible to have problem with wifi when hd is connected on usb3/left usb??

Just to be sure: Can I use any remote with this kit? I know it comes with one and has integrated IR receiver, but I would like to use my own IR remote (that has an IR usb adapter).

Yes you can

Should I opt for the fan too?