Khadas VIM3L HTPC Kit!

Khadas has recently launched a lite-version of their VIM3 killer SBC; that they have aptly named the VIM3L, the VIM3L is an affordably priced SBC with the Amlogic S905D3 SoC.

As many of you know, we here at CoreELEC have been collaborating more closely with our partners than ever before and as a result of this, Khadas has made a HTPC bundle of the VIM3L available with CoreELEC preinstalled!

You can purchase the Khadas VIM3L HTPC Kit now which includes, a transparent DIY case, a heatsink, metal plate for DIY case, IR remote and 2* Wi-Fi antennas for $89.99 with free worldwide shipping.

A full breakdown of the specs of the Khadas VIM3L can be viewed here.



looks very nice
where is CE installed, on the fast internal emmc?

Yes its installed on the eMMC with the whole amount being usable and accessible to CoreELEC.

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hmm, I dont remember, if CE and Wifi antennas was included in the preorder package…

My thoughts are that CE for VIM3L needs to be tested/developed/polished yet.

Anyway, great to see nice coop here, users will be very happy - in case there doesnt pop some dealbreaker as HDMI-(power)issues in N2 case.

The wifi antennas are included with every board regardless of if you choose to purchase the kit option or not.

what about for Quality video if i compare VIM3 ?
Same Quality ? or less than VIM3 ?

They use the same video blocks, AFAIK, so the video quality should be the same.

Cool :slight_smile: I think I didnt realize it has wifi chip when I order it. Nice too see clever design with pigtail support, instead shitty internal antenna.

Two questions: The website doesn’t mention CoreElec? Is it just understood?
Is CoreElec tuned for this chip now?

It’s still work in progress, but it mostly works.