My Mecool KM8 P does not show a wlan when boot in CE works flawlessly in Libreelec. Switch wireless on off did not help.
Used the Dtb from the list - I have also tried several others.
Is there anything I can do - Since no connection possible i dont have a log

I’m guessing your device has the xs9028 chip, see here. You will need to buy an external adapter.

That is probably the case - did see that “subject” hoped there was an alternative to external or wlan or using lan.

Unfortunately not and there won’t be, we don’t have the source for this driver and the manufacturer has refused to provide us with it.

A pre-compiled binary was used in LE and older CE releases but this is no longer compatible due to the kernel changes.

If yours has a 9028xs WiFi chipset, then you are on the same boat with me (see my post) and doomed.