Kodi crashes all the time - reproducible

When i run the youtube addon, it crashes complete kodi.
so not sure if thats the correct way to report that bug but imo an addon should never be able to crash a system.

to reproduce: search for “oliver koletzki” and start playback of “hypnotized” Oliver Koletzki feat. Fran - Hypnotized - YouTube

here is the crash log:


Here it plays without a problem.

Unable to reproduce on 3 different devices.

CoreELEC 19.2-Matrix_rc3 on S905X, S905W, S905X3

I suspect that having superrepo installed will be seen as illegitimate, so unlikely to receive official support IMO.

Please provide a clean log.

i deleted function cache and the other caches, now it works again
but still, imo an addon should not be able to crash entire kodi

when i can reproduce it, i’ll try to get that log

It is worth making a report to the addon’s author too as they may be able to make appropriate changes.

It should also be noted that other things running in the background could also potentially contribute towards a convergence of factors that may cause a crash.

As Compent said it’s not directly the addon perhaps other stuff comes to play. An addon working properly can’t make a device reboot but of course that an addon with problems can. And when someone has banned addons, as you have in your system, that probability increases dramatically…

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