Librespot addon


I am using TVHeadend.

It worked really good in CE 8.90.5., librespot using the Kodi audio mode. I heard music over librespot, gone to the channel list and select a live TV channel, the live TV started and librespot audio stoped.

It worked also, but not quite so good, before CE 8.90.5 with using two different ALSA devices.

Currently, CE 8.95.0, I have a general problem with switching live TV channels, see

But this is independent from using librespot before.


Oh sorry, I was wrong.

My problem with channel switching in TVHeadend IS dependent on librespot. If I deactivate librespot, there are no problems with channel switching in TVHeadend.


Yes, this is my problem too. If you have Librespot enabled, you can start a LiveTV channel, but can’t switch channels anymore. It freezes completely and you need to unplug from power. I have the same problem, it is very annoying :frowning:

I hope it is possible to fix this.

EDIT: tried 8.90.5, same problem. If Librespot is enabled, LiveTV hangs.

Kodi Intermittent Freeze when changing TV Channels

Update: awiouy (the developer of Librespot addon) fixed the TVHeadend zapping bug, added perfect support for ALSA (now configuration wizard works). Also there are some improvement to Kodi mode playback (like artist, songs, etc information).
Check out the addon for CoreElec at Libreelec forum: Link

Thank you for your great for, awiouy!


Excellent news! If it’s fixed now, please don’t forget to come back and say so


Yes, it is fixed now, that is what I wanted to report back here at CoreElec forum. I don’t know when the new addon will be available in repository, but you can grab the updated 111j version from the link a provided.

I can confirm that Librespot is working as it should on CoreElec (together with TVHeadend, and ALSA wizard is working too).


Everyone having Android equipment and using spotify with librespot addon in kodi should take a look in googles play store. There is an app called HiFy. HiFy enables spotify to see and use Airplay and DLNA devices via spotify connect. This is nice also if you have an AVR Reciever on which spotify connect was deactivated ealier this year.


Hey guys,

I’m trying to use Librespot here, but it doesn’t show up on my spotify’s connectible devices list, no matter what I do.

I’m using the latest CoreElec on Odroid C2. Both devices are, of course, connected to the same network.

Am I missing something?



Did anyone else notice problems with the addon in 8.95.7?
For me suddenly it doesn’t work anymore, shows up in spotify but there’s no playback in kodi after choosing it.


It works for me, just tried (Odroid C2).


Just tried an older ce version, also not working. Tried wiping userdate and reinstalling it, still not working. Idk what I messed up there. Just remember trying to play back a podcast which didn’t work, that’s it.

Edit: Strange, works again now…


Try a clean install and see if it works. Make a backup first.


I have been tinkering with Librespot and continue to do so on my Minix U1.
My settings are …
In Settings/System
Output-Best Match
Stereo upmix-off
Resample quality-High
Keep audio Device alive-Off
Send Low Volume Noise-On
Play Next Song-Off
Librespot Settings
Switch to Kodi from Alsa
320 bit rate
I found that Spotify by Marcelveldt was freezing Corelec on my Minix U1?
All of the above is anecdotal,but its working pretty good,not perfect so thought I would share.


Yes, unfortunately Marcel Veldt’s addon causes freezes while playing video files, switching tv channels, …
So, the Librespot addon is a good compromise to it (although no direct access to the Spotify library).


I wonder if a new version of Librespot is pushed to Libreelec repo, when will it be available for CE too? It fixes an annoying bug. It is revision 115.


I’ve built an updated version of librespot and made it available in the nightly repo.
If you are using CE stable, you could manually install it from the zip file taken from here:


Great, thanks! I use stable CE, will download your build.