Magicsee C500 pro and Mecool K5

Hi, congratulations on this great community. My first question would be to know if some new devices like the Magicsee C500 Pro and Mecool K5 will soon come out with support in the new CoreELEC updates, especially if tvheadend detects their tuners. Thank you.

Mecool K5

Magicsee C500 Pro same issue with Tuner detection will be an issue.

None of the CE Devs or Team have the hardware and both of these brands have no official support.
Basically these brands do not have any interest in CoreELEC.

Thank you very much. I use Amlogic S912 Magicsee C400Plus and Mecool K3 Pro and they work perfect for CoreELEC. Do you recommend a usb tuner card for the new Amlogic S905x2- x3 boxes?

Try search in our forum.
Like the thread HERE
In Australia i only have Free To Air (FTA) DVB-T available so i use an old PS3 Twin Tuner.

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