Mecool k5 coreelec

Is it possible to mecool k5 coreelec? Does tvheadend work?

The SoC S905X3 is supported but there is no DVB support.

It’s hardly recommended to split DVB server and client hardware.
Using TVHeadend server and client on the same hardware will lead for sure to user issues.
If you split server and hardware you are also able to use any client in future.

I don’t get any issues on my Mecool KI or my Mecool KII.

Then you are lucky as it’s a 50:50 chance and therefore it’s not recommended.

For some time, on these forums, the Coreelec team were singing the praises of the KI. There is no real issue in running both the tvheadend server and client on the same box. It works well whether the tuner is integrated or whether it is a usb device. The real issue is whether the tuner is supported.

I have installed coreelec (even internal removing android) in k1 pro, kii pro and Meelo uno2 and I have no problem. They all work correctly, both local and server. I don’t know which tuner the k5 has. I imagine it would be a driver problem.

The problem the main developer @afl1 is lost for more than a year now and most of dvb stuff is based on his work. When nobody continue his work we can’t do anything about dvb anymore.

So no dvb support anymore as it require to much time and hardware for a too small market.

Yes, I understand that @afl1 is no longer contributing which is a shame - he’s a good guy (apologies if @afl 1 isn’t a guy!). Obviously, as this device works under Android, there is a driver available for the tuner(s) that works with some version of the linux kernel. As far as I understand it, the issue, if any developer does end up taking this on, is simply whether the driver is also compatible with the version of the linux kernel that Coreelec is running under.

Just feel free to take over this work and make a pr to CE :wink:

You completely misunderstood that

I’m no expert. Perhaps you could expand on that Tim_Taylor?

You need the sourcecode - most manufacturer will not publish
Look at the non working wifi or bluetooth -> no sourcecode

If You are lucky an get the sourcecode, You need a lot of know how to integrate it into CE.
It´s not just copy and paste from Android to CE kernel.
Like Portisch said before “Just feel free to take over this work and make a pr to CE”

Good luck

Thanks for that instructive reply Tim_Taylor it makes sense. I wonder, since the Mecool KI pro (and the KII pro) are both supported, where the developers got the source code for the drivers for these devices? Was it just luck that there were open source drivers? Are we actually sure that the K5 doesn’t use the same drivers as these devices? Has anyone tried?

“No” it was hours of testing with logs taken with multiple test builds over weeks between myself and cdu13a using my K1 Pro
It was a challenge cdu13a was relentless to get working at the time and i played along :smile:
This is not something the Devs have time to spend on every new piece of hardware with internal tuners.

Right, well thank you for your efforts kostaman. I sense that there’s no real wish to pursue this. So I guess K5 and K7 users will just have to stick with Android. DVB-T2 users can simply buy a cheap xbox tuner and use it via USB. The possibilities are more limited for those requiring DVB-S2.

I use a simple DREAM-BOX :upside_down_face:

Part of the problem besides lack of equipment and source code for some of the drivers, is that I’m in Canada, which uses ATSC instead of DVB standards. So even if I had the device to develop with and the source and other info. I don’t have anyway of having a DVB signal with which to test anything. Which complicates things quite a bit.

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Are you saying you run tvheadend on your dreambox?

No, I say I don´t need tvheadend.
Just using a simple DREAMbox to view TV

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It’s a shame, because the k5 looks good at a good price.

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