Which DVBS/S2 Should I get?

Hello All!

I have been using CE for a long time time on a Mecool KIII Pro. I have seen that this device is no longer available for CE 19. So I thought of buying one that CE is compatible with.

I will be using for sattelite (DVBS/S2) and I have noticed that it’s smaller siblings, the Kii and ki are both supported. And because I need to buy 2 units, I thought of making sure before buying so I don’t end up regretting twice.

Is the Kii pro a good choice that is available now? And what about the Mecool k5 (and k7?)? I’m not sure about them as I didn’t find them listed in the download page and didn’t very well understand if someone got the k5 to work. Mecool k5 coreelec

And if there are better options that supports both dvbs2 and CE 19, can you please help me in knowing them?

Thanks a lot!

read Replacement tuner for mecool ki pro?

The CE team no longer recommend any USB or built in DVBS/S2 tuners because they all have closed source drivers which are to difficult to maintain in a workable fashion. The only satellite solution they recommend are SAT>IP based solutions. SAT>IP is more expensive initially but is a good investment because they are better made and use a protocol that is standard so will always be supported by CE and TVHeadend.



But, AFAIK, they’re not available anywhere :worried:

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Last week I bought the deco linux enigma2 Octagon SF8008 double tunner, a satellite tunner works perfect for deco and the other satellite tunner for Sat-ip signal, it works well when it is on or at rest. The Octagon twin tunner device does not heat up very well, 1000M lan port, 1GB of Ram memory and other extras, I recommend it as a Sat-ip signal and for those who economics are not a problem, the VU + still better.

In Spain they gave me a discount, price 110 euros with gifts lnb inverto, splitter, etc.


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Yes, it’s either that or the uclan ustym 4k pro, they’re virtually the same.
Does it run kodi well enough?
I’m currently busy patching enigma2 to see if it can control my actuator :wink:.

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Satip tuners work as stand alone boxes that feed clients. As such they don’t need to run kodi. Your client tvbox runs a tvheadend server and client and the satip tuner appears just like a regular tuner on the interface list of tvh

I know, but I was asking about the octagon sf8008, which isn’t a satip server but an enigma2 box.

Is the sf808 with 2 tuners able to serve programs to clients via minisatip?
Is minisatip installable on the Enigma2-OS?
I’m searching for a replacement for my (very old) WetekPlay1 with 2 tuners

I read reports regarding tvheadend and minisatip not working on a James Donkey (a dirt cheap twin receiver, a perfect candidate for a sat server), I don’t know if on the octagon they would work.
Edit: though I read that enigma2 can stream programs to clients, there’s a kodi pvr plugin that supposedly can use an enigma2 box.

Minisatip does not work for me either in the deco enigma2 Qviart but if it works for me in the Octagon SF8008, it works well but not for motorized antenna. But it does not matter tunner 1 deco motorized parabolic enigma and the second parabolic tunner different satellite signal transmitter-ip for CoreELEC.

and what about kodi on the octagon/uclan?

I don’t quite understand what you are asking about kodi. The enigma2 decos are to watch television channels and transmit satellite-IP signal, for kodi they do not go well due to lack of hardware, kodi where it goes best is by CoreELEC.

I’m just asking because I know there’s a kodi plugin for enigma, and looking at some videos on youtube it seems “good enough” (or at least not much worse than on the mecool), but videos can give a false impression.

Is that a real SAT>IP standard signal it puts on the LAN, or is it a custom ENIGMA LAN signal ?

I’m no expert but I think it can export an m3u playlist, but this has nothing to to with kodi (i.e. you don’t need kodi to watch tv on enigma, only as one of the many plugins to reproduce other media).
Of course if you can run minisatip or tvheadend instead of enigma it will just behave as a standard SAT>IP server.

I asked to clarify if it can put standard SAT>IP onto the LAN, speculation is not useful, it either can or it can’t. If it can’t then it is no real use as a twin tuner for CE front ends.
The whole point of this is to find a universal tuner for CE which doesn’t require any out of the ordinary setup.

It could work either way, since there’s a kodi pvr plugin that can use enigma2 as a backend. In fact it doesn’t even need a coreelec frontend since it can drive a tv and show multimedia all by itself.
And it’s just my setup that it’s out of the ordinary :wink:

If you intend to run enigma2 raw then all of this is mute and a bit of a pointless discussion on a CE forum.

Sure, I got carried away since I’d like to get an honest opinion from somebody that has used both systems and can compare them.

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