Netflix Addon lags in s905x 720p

did you put heatsink on all the chips? memories, cpu, etc?

What size heatsink did you put? I have seen Amazon sell packs of various sizes, for raspberry pi, like these: = 1567372955 & s = gateway & sr = 8-7

Can they be worth it?

On my X96_S905W box I used a much bigger heatsink that covers CPU and neighboring memory chips. Used old heatsinks for old Intel 486/586 CPUs cut to proper size. On my Mecool KM8 box i had to cut out top box cover for heatsink to fit. Same thing on my X92 box for which I found a proper size, but much higher hetasink, also cut out top cover to fit it in. I have some photos of this oversized passive coolers, but can’t find them now…

Edit: Found a photo of heatsinks i used on my X92 box just to show the necessary size needed for decent passive cooling.

good job!! Do you have the heatsink anchored in some way, so it doesn’t move?

You can get thermal pads with adhesive to secure the heatsink.

Nice, tomorrow I will receive some thermal pads that I buy. Although if I end up putting a large heatsink, is it not better to use thermal paste?

On my X96 box (photos cannot find) CPU and neighboring two memory chips have the same height. I put normal 0.5mm thermal pads on all three surfaces and that is enough area to firmly keep the heatsink in place. But adhesive pads would be better…
With thermal paste the heatsink can move, it does not stick firmly unless it’s somehow pressed firmly on CPU.

When you suck air you tend to create a vacuum around the heatsink instead of an over pressure.
Time and expense spent on improving the cooling of those small devices is not lost.
It improves performances and lifetime.
I prefer thermal grease.Pads tend to dry out and heatsink keeps cool but the hidden chip under is really hot.

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I just finished the Android tv mod. A friend has given me a heatsink of a dual core motherboard. I have put it in the cpu and in the 2 RAM chips, together with artic mx4 thermal paste. It also reaches 70% of another chip that has followed the ram (I think it is the internal memory). Temperatures have dropped, but not as much as I expected.

Since the temperature was still high, I decided to use a PC fan I had at home. I have soldered a USB cable, and this is connected to the box itself. When operating at 5v, and the fan is 12v, it operates at low rpms and does not make any noise. I have pierced the housing so that the air can enter well, I have glued the box with instant glue and put some pads to raise it a little. The result has been about 50 degrees of maximum temperature. Still, with those temperatures, in Tráiler Park Boys series, I have some lag sometime. I will try more series and movies to see if the same thing happens. This is the final mod:

Did you try this video with older widevine version I posted here ?

I tried it before doing the mod, and it didn’t work for me either. Then I think it was automatically updated when I went to the latest version of the Netflix addon. I am also not sure if I installed it well. What I did was delete the new one and copy the old one with the same name. I will try again now that I have solved the high temperatures.

For me in Beelink GT-King, with all addon the newest version, last nightly CE, I have lag on some NF videos, like our planet S1E1., in 1080p setting. But when I change the older widevine, what you linked, all play smooth normal. Thanks

No need to delete the new one, just rename it to “” and copy old one renamed to Reboot the box after the change.

Ok, Thanks. What is the file folder? I remember it takes a long time to find her.

Edit: I found the folder. Storage-kodi-cdm

You have to put it on the right place. The file in /storage/.kodi/cdm is a symlink which you don’t want to mangle. If you over-wrote that you’ll need to restore the symlink. The library file itself has to be in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/cdm and the name has to be

Amazing how you have managed to drop your temperatures by such a huge margin.

Hmm, it does not look as symlink to me; inputstream.adaptive definitely uses the one in .kodi/cdm…
For me it works like this: in “.kodi/cdm” I have two versions
In “addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/cdm” there is only the new version. To watch NF I just rename the one in “.kodi/cdm” to and NF works perfectly, obviously in this situation inputstream.adaptive does not use not the new version residing in addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/cdm.
How is that possible if the one in .kodi/cdm is only symlink ?

However, tonight Netflix forced update for inputstream.helper which installed “new” widevine version, the same 4.10.1440.18 installed couple of days ago for other inputstram.adaptive addons, like HBO_Go… Have not tried if NF will still work with previous 4.10.1303.0 version. Guess it will not play with it any more… -
Edit: wrong guess :slight_smile:

I just put the old in the helper addon folder and change names as you said with the new depending if I’m watching Netflix or HBO. The one in kodi/CDM just points to the helper one.

Interesting…, so it works both ways :slight_smile:

I just tried NF with old version, and it still works much better than with new version, (force installed this evening) no dropped or skipped frames on scenes with 20+ Mbit/s bitrate, at 1080p with subtitles…

Yeah don’t know what’s up with that. On my install there’s a symlink in /storage/.kodi/cdm that points to /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.module.inputstreamhelper/cdm/ which seems typical for a Linux system to me. Normally libs are symlinked in some fashion. Of course you can only see that from a login shell with “ls -al”. It looks like a regular file from a Windows share.

I copied the lib to the location pointed to by the symlink. It can work by overwriting the link as well, but it may or may not be necessary to copy it to both places. In any case its better not to mangle symlinks. Can make things go screwy when updates happen.

So it sounds like there’s a new Widevine lib already. Hopefully one will come down the pipe without issues and I can put things back to normal.