Netflix Broken

That’s impossible :smiley:! First of all it didn’t start 1080p in auto stream selection mode. I changed to manual and lost subtitles but even without them those minutes had frame skipping. They’re some tough couple of minutes! I’ve been watching Mindhunter and in that I don’t have any problems. Or rephrasing it, I had problems because after the change in frequency my GT-King started to have high temps when SW decoding. So when it passes well over 70°C I have stuttering. I downclocked it a bit and tested for a while (but not too long) without problems and the temps have fallen, it seems.
Tomorrow I’ll do more testing.

The movie “First Kill” under recently added was the one giving me trouble, seems to have some pretty high rates in it. Didn’t check other stuff though, gave up on the add-on at that point. It was really choking, stutters and hangs. Movie plays fine now after Iinking to the older Widevine lib.

I should probably put the new lib back to verify it was the problem and not some other issue, but it works now and I don’t really want to mess with it anymore. Just wait until the next Widevine update I guess. Right now Netflix is the only add-on I have installed using input streams, but that could always change.

Then just leave the old version and enjoy until it lasts. My situation is different since I have two addons that work only with new version. With new version I can watch some NF streams but for movies/episodes with high bitrate (scenes with 20Mbi/s) I have to switch to old version, otherwise it’s unwatchable…

Only the first minute of episode2 has very high bitrate. The rest of the series works OK with new WV version.
It’s a completely different thing with “Our Planet” documentary episodes that every now and than have scenes with bitrates over 20Mbit/s

Yes, with old widevine version “Our Planet” plays fine. It sucks having to change versions but as I only experienced stuttering in a few scenes I’ll keep the old version for the real hard cases.
I hope this gets worked out in some way.

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Greetings, .

It gives me such an error, I have searched for a solution but could not find it.
I would be glad if you help.

Best regards…

If you are looking for Netflix help, look at this post

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Two days ago widevine was updated and now I can log in Netflix, but whatever I choose it doens’t play.
How can I install an old version?

Look at the previous post from Sholander.

The Sholander’s solution is for the frame-skipping problem.
Ny my case the stream doesn’t start at all. I see the CoreElec red circle spinning for a second and then I’m back at the titles list.
By the way, I’ll try to downgrade widevine. Maybe this will fix my problem too.

Probably not. To fix this issue you have to reinstall Widevine decryption library.
Take a look at this post

This fix does not work any more. Looks like Netflix is broken for all Arm devices:

I get the error “Entity used incorrect user authentication data type” on my Odroid N2…

I can confirm that it was broken this morning but I didn’t have the time to look into it.

Hmm more Netflix trouble on Kodi. Fortunately I don’t use it all that much on the TV box, more on other devices from a browser. I imagine it would frustrating for people that use it a lot on a TV box.

It works again as before, just “fixed itself” :relaxed:

Yep, today the Netflix addon working again. No needed fixing. :grinning:

Thanks. It turned out I installed netflix from an outdated repository. I reinstalled the addons fron the repository mentioned in the linked post, and the problem was fixed.
Now I got the frame skipping/stuttering problems to fix.

I’ll think it has something to do with Widevine, new version was online 2 days ago

Yes, with new Widevine version (4.10.1440.18) NF addon has problems on high bitrate material.
It works much better with older Widevine version (4.10.1303.0)

There is a new widevine version (4.10.1440.19) which works OK, but there is no Linux-Armv7 version yet, only for Linux, Windows and Mac…

So it’s just a matter of time. Soon we’ll get an update

Soon ? Depends what is soon for you. Widevine has lately had updates twice a year, and the versions active now (.18and .19) are from July, so I guess new version is not expected before end of this year…

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