NEW Repo for Remote files (Thanks to Betatester)

This is an excerpt of my X96+


First set of keys


0x40  116 #	POWER	(examples, 31 shut-down menu, 116 power down no menu   
0x18  115 #	VOLUMEUP
0x10  114 #	VOLUMEDOWN
0x43  23  #	STAR	(examples 15 tab, 23 info, 24 codec info, 113 mute, 354 favourites, 18 TVguide, print screen 210 etc)

You will see that there are other codes, 0x10 etc, these are derived from the key presses on the remote.

Please read the guide again, (I’m sure you have already read it at least once)

this will tell you how to record the key presses.

Only you can do this, no one here seems to have that remote.

Thanks again,
One odd thing is that when I give the dmesg -c command in putty, nothing happen, it returns the same prompt line. The system isn’t recognizing the remote…

I don’t understand, linux codes, etc, but if you post what shows on putty, perhaps someone with more brains than me can help.

The -c flag clears your dmesg history. If you run dmesg -c a 2nd time, and there were no new kernel messages printed into the log, the command will return nothing, and you’ll get the prompt again.
Use dmesg instead of dmesg -c.

Try this one. Let me know if this works please.

remote.conf (1.9 KB)

Thank you Betatester, I’ll try it.
I’ve tried another command in SSH Putty, “ir-keytable –t”, and then press some buttons on the remote to see what happens on putty windows, but it return that doesn’t recognize it and that didn’t encountered the command. It seems that doesn’t load nothing regarding to the remote…

Thank you. I’m not a big linux user…

I am going to assume the remote.conf send to @rganhao works.

@rganhao are you sure you first pressed a remotebutton then quickly dmesg -c in putty?

The remote.conf for the x88 king with working back button. remote.conf (2.1 KB)

now all buttons works except power ON box from standby

Hello, it is no longer available. Could you please send it again? Thank you

Anyone can create config for this remote L336 please?

Repository for Amlogic & Meson Infrared Remote Controllers under Amlogic.

I suggest searching the repository before asking in the forum. Thank you.

The on/off button doesn’t work, how can I fix it?[]=remote

please can you make the “remote.conf” file of the RCU Dreambox remote control available?

If your device is not in the repo, perhaps you could follow the instructions on how to create it yourself. Also found in the repo.
Failing that, cross your fingers that someone else has the same device,

I have an error in SSH access for the “meson-ir” settings