Nightly builds (NEW)

If the device is not always on ?

Mine is not always on. What is the point?

As I understood that “cron” performs tasks on a schedule, “anacron” performs tasks if they were skipped.

Probably. But you could achieve the same with some more clever scripting.
For HTPC cron is probably sufficient for most users.

Hi guys,

With the last few nightly builds volume control with HDMI-CEC stopped working on my S905X3 (X96 Max+)

Please enable debug log in Kodi and the libCEC component logging too:

Please do a log with last nightly and please also with this version:

Logs from the latest nightly:
Logs from 0302: (it’s working as expected with this release)

Thank you very much! I will try to fix this as soon as possible.
For now you have to stay with nightly 20200302 until it’s fixed.

Ok, thank you!

Maybe I got the solution already. Please try this test image:
Enable debug log in Kodi & component libCEC and upload a new log please, thx!

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Confirm, it works

Did volume change not working on your hardware setup with last nightly? Can u please upload a debug log with libCEC enabled?

It’s working. Log:

Thx for reporting and logs! The fix will be included in tomorrows nightly.

I’ve not used my box for a few weeks and updates to the latest nightly build a few days ago. To my surprise the multi-channel (AAC etc.) output using HDMI works now with my Beelink GT1 mini (S905X2) and the Denon AVR 1912. I’ve tested the demo files and movies that didn’t work before, but now they do. :slight_smile:

Was there a fix especially for this? (Excuse me please, for not reading the whole thread!)

Did You read the changelogs ?

I have now. :wink: But I didn’t find anything the fits the issue or the keywords I searched for.

Hey guys,
to many pages to read and english is not my mother language.
Does the x96 Max plus 4g/32g work now with the latest ce nightly? Wifi and display do work?

I’m sorry , but I can’t write scripts even on “bash” (I’m stupid). :frowning:

My x96 max+ works fine except BT,because I don’t use it .

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