Nightly builds (NEW)

Please reboot box and enable debug with audio/video sync enabled
Just after issue will be repeated stop debug and upload debug log
Also please clarify what are you using as audio output?

@crazyturk please try today’s nightly again. Your log still shows errors what should have been fixed with nightly 20220118

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The daily receiving link over the device gives an error.
file log 18-01-2022

Do you mean error for channel we talked about?

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You have a G12B rev a SoC, please try this in SSH:

mount -o rw,remount /flash
fdtput -t x /flash/dtb.img /reserved-memory/linux,di_cma size 0 5800000

Also try to limit HDMI output to 4:2:2 in Kodi settings, thx.

@startv @Shoog Please try this SSH cmds also on your hardware. I have seen this also on my device, video starts stuttering and play normally after 1-2 seconds, audio start normal. So they are finally out of sync. Pressing pause bring them back in sync as audio stops and video continue running until they are in sync again.

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Will try that and report back.

Edit: Initial impressions are good.


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@Shoog @startv please pick your dtb from here and update dtb.img by your needed one:

Please report if the video/audio sync error is fixed. Thx!

There seems to be also a bug when you pause/play video few time sound is going out of sync by few ms - when you stop playing and play this file gain all is the same way it should be.
I use nightly build on X96 Max plus 4/64 installed on emmc.
Movie played from USB 3.0 HDD.


How to update dtb.img that is on emmc(flash folder i assume?) Can’t copy to this folder over ftp.

I tried with nightly(newly downloaded from www)+new dtb.img from mega(didn’t try the one with img) and it is ok now from sd card - will try to update it on emmc now.

From emmc is ok as well.

N2 replaced the old dtb.img with the new one , the video/audio sync error is fixed, thank you .

Emmc or sd boot? It looks like it is back after a while on my box.

n2 boot from sd card

your box is sm1(s905x3), it should already have this fix…

I think a clean install with no addons will solve the issue…

Will check it on friday - you might be right as on sd card it was a clean install while on emmc i did update - unless it removes everything as well first?

Hi guys, sorry and what now Nexus not will new builds?
CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-20.0-Nexus_nightly_20220113.tar this is last

We’re working on it!


Build 20220120 is available.

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:muscle: tonight will test


CoreELEC (official): 20.0-Nexus_nightly_20220120 (Amlogic-ng.arm)CoreELEC:~ # dmesg|paste

CoreELEC (official): 20.0-Nexus_nightly_20220120 (Amlogic-ng.arm)CoreELEC:~ # dmesg|paste

CoreELEC (official): 20.0-Nexus_nightly_20220120 (Amlogic-ng.arm)CoreELEC:~ # dmesg|paste

All is working, great work, you’re best guys :wink: