Nightly builds


Did you reboot after copying remote.conf file? Also check that it has Unix EOL conversion.
Please upload output of
ls -la /flash/remote.conf
ls -la /storage/.config/remote.conf
fdtget -t s /flash/dtb.img /meson-remote/ status
fdtget -t s /flash/dtb.img /meson-ir/ status
Upgrade from stable to nightly couldn’t cause such issue. I hope stable version was clean installed.


CoreELEC-Stue:~ # ls -la /flash/remote.conf
ls: /flash/remote.conf: No such file or directory

CoreELEC-Stue:~ # ls -la /storage/.config/remote.conf
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 2765 Jan 20 19:02 /storage/.config/remote.conf

CoreELEC-Stue:~ # fdtget -t s /flash/dtb.img /meson-remote/ status
Couldn’t open blob from ‘/flash/dtb.img’: No such file or directory

CoreELEC-Stue:~ # fdtget -t s /flash/dtb.img /meson-ir/ status
Couldn’t open blob from ‘/flash/dtb.img’: No such file or directory

Yes stable was clean install, installed to internal.


Do you have dtb.img on your sd card’s root folder?


Nope only folders at the root folder

used gxl_p212_2g as dtb.img when installing. Nexbox a95x (s905x 2gb)

I tried ir-keytable -t and the box is receiving the right ir commands, so I guess the only problem is that it is not automaticly detecting remote.cfg when you put it in /storage/.config/

I am no pro :slight_smile:


looks like it doesn’t work automatically on installed to internal.


because I wrote so :wink:

Any magic I can do in putty to make it work?


Maybe you copy the dtb.img, because it tries to manipulate it. Better to wait to proper help… :slight_smile:
I would try to install to an sd card, set everything and when all is good then install to internal.


@smldmr can you provide the output of lsmod please


@ryvaenge I asked for this information from @smldmr not from you, his problem is different to yours.

You have not followed the installation guide correctly, you need a dtb.img on your sdcard for amremote to work.


Sorry, was quick to delete it.

Used the right dtb.img when installed! (gxl_p212_2g)

Can confirm that adding remote.conf to usb/sd before installtointernal works, but important! also have to copy user data.

Another issue if not known: After selecting no-latin1 under keyboard in Coreelec, still US keyboard with Logitech K400


We don’t support problems that occur when you have used ‘installtointernal’.


Perhaps try again, using a recommended installation procedure, and see if the problem still exists. The following posts will also be helpful.


I used alfawise_h96pp and rc_maps.cfg, to get remote working (both from this board). What do I have to do to use remote.conf?

Is remote.conf another file into .img.gz in nightly build?


You don’t have to do anything, remote.conf was used in LibreELEC but has now
been superceeded. The devs have re-enabled the older system for those not willing / unable to move on to the current IR system (which you indicate that you have already done), and currently use an existing remote.conf. If your remote is working to your satisfaction, leave it alone. :wink:


thanks for explaining, I’m quite new within CE. LE was not able to install on my device, CE was, so I’ll stick to CE.


It works fine on devices booting from SD/USB and just using internal for data (with remote.conf placed in either location)


@ryvaenge next time you update your remote will not work again, this feature is not compatible with installtointernal.


On magicsee c300 pro while dvb does not work.


Hi, I recently went to Coreelec from Libreelec. But, I have noticed that the quality of the image has worsened.

Talk to other users about this topic and say they like it too. Sorry, I can not give data for that, since I do not know what I could help.


@SamWilson which LE release are you comparing to? How about taking screenshots so we can compare?