Nightly builds

Thanks to a user’s contribution, we now have LPCM support in the 4.9 kernel (Amlogic-ng).
Everything has been pushed, and should be available in the next nightly build. (20190929)
We were able to test it on Odroid N2 and Beelink GT-King. We have not tested it on S905X2 devices, but it should work. Please report any issues with this new feature.


  • Disable the Enable Dolby Digital (AC3) transcoding option under Audio Passthrough
  • Select the HDMI Multi Ch PCM option in Audio output device
  • Select the number of channels
  • Leave other passthrough settings as they are, the passthrough device should remain HDMI


If some of you are not sure about which audio settings to use, take a look at Kodi’s Audio quick-start guide :+1: Especially for those of you with an AVR should select number of channels to 7.1 (regardless of your sound setup - example 5.1)

LPCM samples can be found at Kodi’s Samples

Example of Mediainfo with LPCM (VC1-1080p23.976-LPCM7.1)

ID : 2
Format : PCM
Format settings : Little / Signed
Duration : 59s 781ms
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 6 144 Kbps
Channel(s) : 8 channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Frame rate : 32.000 fps (1500 SPF)
Bit depth : 16 bits
Delay relative to video : 11ms
Stream size : 43.8 MiB (15%)
Language : English
Default : Yes
Forced : No

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Excellent thank you!

Hi ci6n0z, i never noticed before that it is recommended to use 7.1 with AVR, even if the AVR only has 5.1 speakers.l, so i always used 5.1.

Do you know why its better to use 7.1 even if there are inly 5.1 speakers?

Use the maximum number of channels (7.1) then the AVR will convert it to 5.1 so it will always be of good quality. Let the AVR do its job, it will do better.

even with lower channel setup? I think the sonos beam is a 3.0 system only.

Do you use HDMI ARC? Set “Number of channels” to 2.0.

Yes, the device have HDMI ARC.

Updated the last night. Work on a mkv archives, but without sound in a VOD platforms (Netflix and HBO).
Odroid N2.
Am I the only one who happens to or happens to any of you?

Latest Nightly: 7.1 Lpcm working fine, in my Beelink GT-King.
Atmos and DTS-X working as before in my mkv’s
Netflix : Atmos , True-HD working as before.
All working fine.

True HD on Netflix?:flushed: You mean DD+.

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There is Atmos / true HD movies.

Netflix doesn’t do TrueHD, as far as I know, but you can get Atmos over DD+.

Yep DD+ /Atmos.

I’m a bit perplexed. On the LePotato multichannel has been working fine (aac, flac and pcm 5.1 and 7.1). With this latest nightly it is still working just fine . . . Was it not supposed to work before?

Support was added for the 4.9 kernel. In old devices everything was and continues to be just fine.

New sound features.
Had to turn off HDMI muliti channel pcm as no sound.
Using normal HDMI setting
Also some movie and movie tracks dont play properly with 7.1 Bad stutter.
Back to 2.0 on my AVR 5.1 setups. (x2)
Still getting all channels played as required so not a big issue.
Dolby channel test file shows OK.

For more than 2.0 channels you have to use the multichannel PCM device.

As the title says, recently I’ve been having a lot of lock ups, mainly when scrolling thro large lists. For example,when looking thro all TV channels in order to add one to a group in PVR group manager. I’ve also had it when scrolling thro artists in my music library, when an attempt to play something causes the lock up.

I can SSH a reboot command but it takes ages to execute if at all. In some cases I’ve pulled the plug and restarted that way.

Any clues anyone?

Can you disclose your hardware / SD Card booting or internal.
Which nightly did this behaviour start. ?