Nightly builds

After Kodi 18.5 is released you can expect it to be on CoreELEC releases in a short period of time.

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My issues were resolved by going back onto 9.2 and then installing the latest nightlie.


Which nightly is the last one that works with Odroid N2? Or were the bootloop issues from internal development changes fixed already at some point?

Latest nightlie works fine on mt N2, infact it was only one a fortnight ago which had tempory issues.


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Is it problem on my end (i have new 65" ru7402 tv) or is it that auto frame rate change is not working my 24fps content play on tv in 60fps mode

What settings have you used in Coreelec for frame rate switching?

Just a note from the changelog for nightly 20191121

tvheadend: update to 4.2.8-36 (CvH)

Following the update TVH is reporting being on 4.2.8-27, not 4.2.8-36

All is working fine, so just one for the notebook.

:triangular_flag_on_post:For nightly users:
Latest two nightlies contain kodi 18.5 and some other changes…
If you have some regression or some critical issues in latest builds then feel free to inform us about them.

Everything works very well (tested on Amlogic S912).

Still getting lock ups on channel changes and now am getting lock ups on reboots.


What device?

Vim2 which is S912 with onboard dtv card for tvheadend.
Channel switching lock ups have been a long term issue for me. I believe its a problem with switching decoders on the fly with the system not releasing one to go to another. Its usually happens when switching from SD to HD or from a recording to live TV. Its recently started happening when switching from radio to TV. Only happens with hardware decoding.

What’s most frustrating is there is no consistency as to what will cause the lock ups.

[ 393.057613@5] vfm_map_store:rm default
[ 393.057626@5] vfm_map_remove_by_index: VFRAME_EVENT_RECEIVER_FORCE_UNREG decoder
[ 393.057632@5] vfm_map_remove_by_index: VFRAME_EVENT_RECEIVER_FORCE_UNREG ppmgr
[ 393.057639@5] di_event_cb: RECEIVER_FORCE_UNREG return
[ 393.057643@5] vfm_map_remove_by_index: VFRAME_EVENT_RECEIVER_FORCE_UNREG deinterlace
[ 393.057649@5] vfm_map_remove_by_index: VFRAME_EVENT_RECEIVER_FORCE_UNREG amlvideo
[ 393.057654@5] failed remove vfm map default with active provider decoder.
[ 393.057685@5] vfm_map_store:add default decoder ppmgr deinterlace amvideo
[ 393.061481@0] codec:VsyncDisableVideoLayer
[ 393.061496@0] codec:AFBC off now.> Blockquote

However I suspect from the dmesg output that its a problem with deinterlacing and so have disabled this in coreelec settings and will see if it helps.


Here’s everything perfect with live tv. (as before)
Using the mecool avalink tuner 6862. (PERFECT)
Using the TBS5520SE (PERFECT)

Hi went from the N2 to a LePotato and now to the new N2 Coreelec package (tho using emmc). A new problem I’ve not had before: all 4k media plays in a small upper qtr of the screen. This is with the latest nightly and the stable 9.2. Fussed with it with no result. 4k from other sources plays fine. Looking for a solution. Thanks.

Thanks for quick response. Fussed with xml and got it working. Funny thing is I did a search in that topic and the answer didn’t come up. Oh, well. All good now. Thanks again!

My lock ups were not cured by disabling deinterlacing.

Going to have to roll back to stable.

Rolled back to 9.2 and still getting the same lockups.


Has anybody had any issues with Bluetooth since the 20191124 nightly build, or any build before that since the 9.2.0 stable build?

Especially interested in users with either a CSR 8510 based USB bluetooth adapter, or a Vim3 using its built in bluetooth.

I just noticed when I watch something (Plex addon) 4K HDR file on the Odroid N2 and Ugoos AM6, when I pause and wait for about 10 sec and then press play again the video freezes but the sound continues and after some time the video continues again, latest nightly, N2 on Ethernet and AM6 on WiFi, used to be working good before, what can be wrong? thanks

After latest nightly update : problems with video. Picture is falling down, shuttering, auto zooming.