Odroid N2 test builds

Thank you for trying to find a decision. But enable_switch_fense with your image is not working for me. I have the same result as before. Good way to test is this video from youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqFH-NZUfQ4 in 1080p mode.

How to install the image on a emmc?

I think I’m able to write the image to the emmc card but I’m not able to see something on the connected display when I boot.

I just used dd to write the .img file to the eMMC after booting from a SD card, and on first boot it resized the storage partition to fit the eMMC

hopefully PCM over HDMI is one of those, it’s the only thing keeping my N2 from being my main device at this point

When N2 goes to sleep, it does not always wake up with the TV. I have to turn off the TV / amp 3 to 4 times so that the N2 finally wakes up. So, for now, I do not use the day before; N2 all the time on. The system is on an SD Card; as soon as I have received my eMMC, I will try.

When switching to a 4k channel in liveTV I see only 1/4 of the screen showing the 4k image. I deleted the resolutions branch from the guisettings.xml. However, after restarting the box the resolutions are restored again. What do I miss? I’m on the 0511 nightly.

Did you stop Kodi before editing guisettings.xml ?

No. Works now. Thanks.

Hi devs,
Do you think it would be possible to unleash the display of full screen covers ?

To get like the original at the source (TMDB) :
Kodi 1280x720 px VS TMDB 3000x2000 px

Here: https://kodi.wiki/view/Advancedsettings.xml#imageres

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Naive question. Is it possible to make a build by changing this data ?
1080 </ images>
or 9999 </ images>


With N2, the restriction no longer has to be ?

Unless it also changes the definition of the pockets in the view below, which would slow down the GUI ?

The images resolution is changed whatever the view. I have set imageres to 1080 and it’s even fine on my C2.

Ok, I’ll try this, thanks.

You need to make one in /storage/.kodi/userdata
Read the beginning of the wiki page.

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Kodi must be restarted after editing this file.


Even with this code, I do not notice any difference. The image still seems compressed.

However, the “advancedsettings.xml” file is in the Userdata folder. Strange. Ray tells me that only the skinner can change that. Maybe that’s the explanation?

You need to refresh the movie to cache the new imageres.

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No, thats right:


Then just delete the entire Thumbnails directory and let Kodi re-cache them all again.

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Do you have imageres setting? any downside?

Yes both imageres and fanartres set to 9999. I’ve not noticed any downside in terms of speed however your Thumbnails directory is going to end up larger in size due to the fact images are now full-res.

I have about 120 movies, 1300 TV epsiodes spread across over 50 TV shows all of the episodes have full 1080 or 4K episode thumbnails and just over 600 Albums. My Kodi Thumbnails directory is just over 1.6GB in size, I have a 32GB eMMC so I’m not worried about the sapce :smiley:

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