No audio on first media file played (sometimes) [9.2.5 ng]

I’ve just installed CoreELEC 9.2.5 onto a new device, an A95X F3.

After booting into CoreELEC, the first media file I try and play will have no audio.
It first happened when playing a media file with 16 bit 6 channel DTS audio.
On another occasion, the media had 16 bit mono PCM audio.

When this happens I press stop and load the same file again - still no audio. I tried reloading the same file 3 times to no avail.
But when I play another media file, the audio will play, and then when I play the original media file the audio plays and the issue is resolved.

Before playing the first media file, audio plays on the kodi user interface (buttons and whatnot) so it’s definitely not an issue with my audio equipment, it’s an issue with the media player / decoder.
Everything else works perfectly.

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a known solution?

EDIT 27/11:

I’ve been using my A95X F3 recently and I can better describe the issue.
The no audio on first playback happens 1 in every 3 times I think, and it appears by pure luck as far as I can tell. Not sure if playing another media file makes any difference, it’s just random.
I’ve also experienced another issue, whereby the source of any high bitrate media file cannot be read in time. So it’ll play 5 seconds, then pause as it slowly fills the aq and vq buffer, then resume for 20 seconds while the aq and vq slowly but steadily drop to 0%. I tried multiple files, they all had the same issue.
The media files were played over 100Mbps LAN but I don’t think that was the issue, I ran tests with iperf3 and the network rates were consistently good.
Rebooting my device solved the issue and I’ve only experience this particular issue once.

I think CoreELEC is having a few issues with my particular device unfortunately.
If anyone could provide some help I’d be grateful.


Continuing to have minor issues on this box.

I think I can mostly get around the no audio glitch on first playback. I usually just switch on the box and then remotely start a film using the emby app - if I do this, it usually starts with no audio, as if there is no detected audio device to output to. However, if I scroll up and down in the menu a few times prior to playing a film, it appears to activate the audio device. The first 2 clicks usually produce no audio, and then I hear the menu UI sound on the third click.
On one or 2 occasions though, even this trick of activating the audio in the menu hasn’t worked.

The other issue of the broken LAN speeds has only reoccurred once. The only way to fix it is to reboot.

And last night, on playing a film, about 3 seconds in it rebooted for no apparent reason.

I’m sure all of this can be explained as simple bugs due to my somewhat lesser supported hardware.

I would like to help by posting debug logs, but these bugs happen so infrequently it’s just not practical.
It would be great if I could enable debug logging without the graphic in the top left of the screen, that way I can just have it on all the time.

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