No audio out Ugoos AM6B+

Installed latest 19.3 CE on a new Ugoos AM6B plus and can’t any sound from the AV Out (jack plug to 3RCA). But it works fine with normal Android Kodi.
I’ve tried all the available audio out options in settings, turned on/off passthrough etc but I just get silence with any codex ?

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Did a clean install and no output from AV Out (but it does work with Android Kodi)

Here is the log link

Thank you

INFO: the URL is case sensitive

Here is a pic of the url, do I need to do it again ?

Thanks (that was a capital i I typed not a small L)

Did it again twice and I’ve finally got one to work (fingers crossed)

You are sure you have switched to “analog audio” in kodi settings?
It looks like you have HDMI enabled in audio settings.

Here is log while switched to analog default PCM.

When I switch to analog audio the box slows (circle going around) and videos are jerky and then they just freeze after a few seconds.

The other analog audio option does the same.

Had to reboot kodi to get a log as it kept on failing.

No sound from tv or amp when switched to analog.

With android kodi I haven’t changed any settings and AV Out audio works with amp and of course the tv audio works as normal.

Thanks for your help.

ok, try this by SSH connection:

mount -o remount,rw /flash
fdtput -a g12b_AM6b_b4g /flash/dtb.img /auge_sound/aml-audio-card,dai-link@1/cpu system-clock-frequency -t i 11289600

Then test again, also switch to analog audio. I am not sure but I think in CE you have not HDMI & analog the same time.

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Thank you, I will give that ago, but it might take a while as I’m useless with computers and haven’t done SSH before :slight_smile:

Then please use this dtb and replace your dtb.img on COREELEC partition with it:

Do not forget to rename it to dtb.img!

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Brilliant thank you I’ll do that tomorrow.

@IJWITBE here a update of the dtb, please use this:
g12b_s922x_ugoos_am6b_4g.dtb (72.3 KB)

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Thanks for the updated version but unfortunately no difference.
When switched to analog the picture still freezes and no audio from amp or tv.
Here is a log

Please make a log?

Here it is

Ah, there is some var forced in the driver. Will need to make a new test image.

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Okay thanks

Please try with this update:

You can download and place it in update folder.
Please try after update if analog audio is working than. Please also make a new log, thank you.

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Is the update folder on the SD card, if it is I can’t find it.

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