ODroid C4 stop going to sleep

Leading on from the discussion on this thread [SOLVED] How to stop N2 going to sleep?

I was wondering how I can follow the setups and set the CEC mask within config.ini?

# HDMI CEC Control
#   Setup custom options by enable these flags:
#     Function                   bit
#     CEC_FUNC_MASK              0
#     ONE_TOUCH_PLAY_MASK        1
#     AUTO_POWER_ON_MASK         3
#     CEC_INPUT_MASK             5
#     ACTIVE_SOURCE_MASK         6

This is what it looked like when I checked the file out. Is there any documentation around this or what this should be set too?

Kodi->settings->ce settings->hardware->CEC

I tried playing with those values to no avail :frowning:

What one do you suggest to prevent sleeping?

Kodi->Settings->System->Input->Peripherials->CEC options

Thanks - wasn’t aware of these settings.

One thing I have noticed is that when the device is idle for like a while sometimes the UI is super laggy and rebooting brings it back. As if the device is throttled back. The CPU governor is set to performance.

Still no luck from playing with those settings. Anything in particular that should be set?

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