Odroid n2 coreelec power

Odroid n2
CoreElec latest stable
Samsung nu7100
Benq w1070
Denon x2500h
When I turn on for the first time after being off on mains for awhile it works.
If I turn off on mains after shutting down in coreelec for or approx 20 seconds sometimes it wont come back on no red light at back so then I have to turn off on mains for approx 30 seconds to 1 minute then it works

Sometimes I actually have to remove the power cable from back of n2 and plug in to get it on again.
Just default settings on coreelec being used.

I’m not using cec on tv or avr

Any suggestions?

Thanks Sim

Do you have any USB device connected? Update to last nightly and try again before report as the error is maybe already fixed: https://relkai.coreelec.org/

Yes 3 usb drives with their own power supplies
I’ll try the debug. And try newest nightly build. Thanks