Odroid N2+ IR powering : How to have separate buttons for power on and power off?

Hi, I would have some questions.

I have an Odroid N2+ with a Logitech Harmony 650 remote. In the Logitech database, there is 3 codes for power. Power on, power off, and power toggle.

I followed How to configure IR wakeup code and it worked, but not fully how I want. I maped my Odroid as Windows Media Center on my Harmony.

When following the guide and executing ir-keytable -u, only the Power toggle code was detected. I succeeded to edit the config.ini and now the Power toggle can turn my Odroid on. But I would prefer to have seperate buttons to turn on and off my Odroid. But the Power on IR code wasn’t detected, I don’t know why. Could someone help me to find why Power toggle was detected but not Power on ?

Thanks in advance for any answer, have a good day.

Sorry, my glass bowl is currently foggy…

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