Odroid N2 test builds

Try this…

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This won’t work out of the box. You need to put in some effort.

Sure I understand that but I dont know what file to modify its not so obvious to me :slight_smile:

Documentation is also there. Scroll some posts up.

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I allow myself to talk about 2 bugs :

  1. Calibration bug of the display after restoration. (The screen occupies only 1/4 of the image when passing in 3840x2160).
  2. Sometimes, when watching a movie and pressing “return”, the box crashes.

Things that are going well :

  1. No problem with microSDXC SanDisk Extreme 128GB, A2, V30.
  2. (3840x2160 @ 60hz) -> The framerate of the GUI is around 25-35 FPS, it goes to 60 FPS only in the absence of covers. Compared to the old generation, we gain 5-10 FPS ; it’s better, it feels a lot ! But that remains insufficient. Between 40 and 60 FPS would be more satisfying. On the other hand, we gain a graphical interface much prettier! The pockets in native definition are absolutely beautiful!
  3. In UHD films, the temperature is on average 14 ° C lower than the Beelink GT1 @ S912. (35°C vs 49°C). The radiator is not there for nothing…

For the rest, for now, it rolls … We’ll see then.
Thank you very much for the work you do.

The 1/4 screen is a problem from old guisettings.xml. Remove overscans and all works as a fresh install works too.

I don’t trust those FPS in debug overlay at all and I have information that in fact it is not reliable. I have done a lot of visual testing and I can not see the difference (without the FPS value) between 1080p60 or 4K60.

Frankly for me it is extremely obvious. Maybe you have activated a very powerful motion compensator ? The difference of 10 FPS in one direction or the other, jumps to my eyes.

Not sure what a motion compensator is. I use Estuary Mod v2 skin. Maybe on other fancy skins you see the difference. Also from FPS values they never go under 40 for me while scrolling movies.

Make a video please comparing both. Maybe I will see then.

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FYI about crashing: We are hunting a kernel crash related to h264 decoder. So this might be the crash you talk about.

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Montion compensator = “Motionflow”, “TruMotion”, “Auto Motion Plus”…
You’re at 40 FPS even when you scroll through hundreds of covers ? You are set to which display ? “Wall” for me. I will try to overclock a little GPU.

No I hate any motion settings it gives only soap opera effect. I scrolled through thousands of covers. LG OLED set to 4K60.

What are the display modes ? “Wall”, “Fanart” …
Ok I will make a recorded video in 60 hz to try to demonstrate that.

Guys one question how to modify config.ini it is in read only mode Iam using n2 with emmc. Please help.

mount -o remount,rw /flash

Or remove SD/Emmc and use your PC.

I use a standard List with Cover. I don’t like Wall.
Make a Video but don’t use debug overlay so that nobody is confused by FPS values.

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But @Bindou from your posts I get that you are very happy with your N2 aren’t you?
Thanks for being a loyal valuable CE user for all this time CoreELEC exists :slight_smile:

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Yes, I am very happy (Especially my child), there is no equivalent. Once the last bugs that crash the box will be corrected, I would be extremely satisfied. I just had a new crash coming out of a h265 4K HDR movie. I simply pressed “Stop”, and black image.

Thanks to the team for all the good work.

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We will figure out those remaining issues and crashes. It is always good to see if the box crashed or just Kodi hanging. Ssh into it and post a dmesg if possible.

I will surely still annoy you, but can you remind me of the procedure ? Or do you share a link that explains it ? Please.