Odroid N2 tonemapping HDR->SDR

I have a C2 but I have content that is either HDR or 10bit x265 and the colors are washed out due to lack of color space conversion ( tonemapping ), same with 2K and 4K content.
I have an older Benq 1070 projector, will the N2 with CoreElec work for me?

Yes, the N2 is superior for tonemapping. Over at Kodi’s forum there is a thread with an overview of options where N2 is highly recommended (START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box) However, keep in mind that conversions are something one should avoid if possible as the experience is better when viewing in the same colour space :wink:

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The N2 can handle HDR with older TVs and projector (converts HDR to SDR), but colors/pictures are too dark (as reported often, search for HDR2SDR in the forum). Picture is not perfect as on a HDR-capable TV/projector.


Is a have owned the same old Benq W1070 and i still own the N2, the simple answer is: no. The tonemapping indeed does “something” like color space conversion (BT709 to BT2020), but colors are washed out, picture is (way) too dark, so no satisfying result for me.
I replaced the Benq 1070 with an HDR capable projector, the result is really brilliant. That is why I heavily recommend an HDR capable projector, there are even budget solutions like the bunch of HDR capable 1080p projectors from Optoma starting at around 700€.