ODROID-N2Plus SBC announced

Just wanted to follow up and say did not fix issue for me. Still no CEC on the N2+, C2 works fine though.

When it just stopped working and a fresh install does not fix it it looks like it got turned off on the TV. Does CEC with the C2 still have CEC on the same HDMI port?

You need to enable libCEC component logging in Kodi and share this kodi.log later.

Yes it does. Swapping HDMI ports does not fix issue. Enabling / disabling Simplink on LG TV does not help either.

Ok, i turned off CEC, restarted and turned CEC back on, this is the log file http://ix.io/2ujo

You need also debug logging enabled. Do me a favor and disconnect the C2 and all other hdmi devices. Only connect the N2 directly turn on the TV and reboot the N2.

C2 is no longer connected, have enable debug logging. Restarted.Turned CEC off/on.


(appreciate all the help BTW!)

You still didn’t enabled the libCEC component for logging.
Please also use default libCEC 4.0.4, not 4.0.5.

Apologies, have reverted back to 4.0.4 and hopefully enabled libCEC logging. What is interesting is that turning TV off/om now turns kodi on/off, however the remote of the TV still does not control kodi like it did a week back. The N2+ is connected directly to the TV, there is a Sonos Beam connected via ARC, if any of that makes a difference.


@Ray can u please provide this user a test build with revert of all the Standby CEC changes u have done? The log looks strange.

The changes were there too. The reason why Kodi is turned on and off is a setting.
Can you please post what Peripherals settings you are using?

As this is a fresh install of CE it is set to the default CEC settings withing Peripherals currently.

Have taken a screen shot with my camera, not sure if that will suffice or not?



“When TV is turned off” Is the Setting you need. Now it’s “Suspend”. You can turn this off if you don’t want it. If you don’t want your N2 to turn on if you turn on the TV you need to go into CE Settings->Hardware->CEC Wake and disable it.

Ok perfect. That seems to work as desired now. But I still can’t get my TV remote to control kodi, this worked for about a week but no longer does.

Are you sure you haven’t changed something about your setup?
It’s just weird that it worked for one week with then suddenly stopped and is not working at all. had a bug that could slow down the GUI and make libcec crash.

And if you unplug your soundbar from hdmi and only have one hdmi to the N2 connected. Also doesn’t work?

Nothing has physically changed at in the setup, I think Sonos may have had a firmware update but thats it. I am almost certain I had the CEC set so the unit does not switch off with the TV (it had not done so for the first week), then one morning it was switched off, waking the TV did not wake it either. After restarting it manually the remote did not work, and has not worked since. When I unplug and plug the hdmi from the N2 back in the TV says that the magic remote is ready to be used with the hardware but nothing happens. I am completely baffled as my C2 worked flawlessly for years and still does.

Have also tested this, it did not fix the issue unfortunately.

Question-I’ve been toying around with the idea of getting an N2+ to replace my N2. All I use it for is playing local video files off an external hdd (no nas). Since Coreelec doesn’t require very much horse power to run I doubt that I’d see any improvement in performance. What do you guys think?

The N2+ won’t give you any noticable performance gain.

I think for me it makes my skin a bit faster because I use the Titan mod which is more intensive but otherwise no obvious improvements.

Seems like if you are using emulators that’s where you’ll see the most gains.

Hi, sadly the problem returned with another file. Tried to do a hard reset, but no help. The file takes 5 minutes to start when resuming from a previous position, and after 2 minutes of playback it stops.

Video playback starts at 17:24:02


So, coming back from all the off-topic: What is the cheapest way to get this from Germany with case?

German seller pollin